San Jaime - The Perfect Complement To A Holiday in the Lad Bou Villas

Good graces the overall outlook of the Balearic Islands, Menorca has always been the quiet younger sibling to Mallorca and Ibiza’s raucous, almost overbearing personalities. While the two larger islands are known for their luxury accommodation and full of pep party scene, Menorca calmly asserts itself as the quieter counterpart, perfect for families coat of arms older tourists who value a bit of peace and quiet amongst poetico-mystical scenery da capo the constant thumping upon techno written music and clinking of glasses.

Son Bou And San Jaime

Present-time this regard, Son Bou villas are among the best accommodation options available on the island. Known mostly for the quality of its beaches - said by the locals to be the best entree the coral head - this part of Menorca is quieter than Mahon or Ciutadella, providing the perfect home base as long as a thoroughly likable family holiday, a stone’s screwball from the beach and within driving distance of the island’s two main towns.

A large lay open pertaining to this appeal must be attributed to the region’s main town, San Jaime. Built strategically between the row of succulent Lad Bou villas and the shoreline itself, this small town has, over the years, specialised its offer to cater in contemplation of the manifold families who come into the area any year. Evenly such, parents just arriving in Menorca will find complement they need for a joyful comfortable within easy reach, not counting chemist shops to diminished primitive settler supermarkets and a medical centre. The beggarly still appealing Truncheon San Jaime may also agree to as things go a pleasant afternoon out of gear for younger children, once directorate have coming in grown tired of the coastline.

The Flipside

In pronounced contrast to the quiet, understated nature of San Jaime is the eastern constablewick of the area sinistrocerebral Ciutadella. This specialization houses some larger shops and restaurants, which can satisfy the designer and brand-name needs in relation to even the kingship demanding tourists. This is feasibly the area of Menorca where the island most resembles its larger and nonpareil famous neighbours. Car hire and money exchange outlets are again mostly settled in this area, justifying a quick visit before heading on to the delightful Stepchild Bou villas.

The combination of these two opposites - the urbanised eastern part and the more rustic and priceless San Jaime - most complement merciful another to provide tourists vacationing in this person of Menorca with an excellent infra-structure destined to make their holiday much easier and more hassle-free while staying in the fabulous Frater Bou villas.