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where are all of my blind children of Apollo that can shoot an arrow and always hit the bullseye?

what about all of my deaf children of Hephaestus who don’t realize they’re making so much noise in the forges?

what about all of my children of Aphrodite with down syndrome who are beautiful af and are sure to kick your ass walking down the runway?

what about all of the badass children of Ares who were born without a limb? They may only have one hand, but they can wack your ass into the next century.

how about the mute children of Hermes? Best tricksters around. Be sure to hide your wallet well when you are near them. They’ll probably steal it when you least notice.

and how could I forget the ever so beautiful children of hades in wheelchairs? they will summon a skeleton on your ass.

where are all of my badass disabled children of the gods? We need more representation for all of the disabled kids reading the books. We may have plenty of lgbtq+ representation, but the disabled also deserve some.

i don’t know, i don’t like the idea that ares is only this angry, hateful person.

because yeah, he’s a warrior. and there’s a lot of hate in that. but there’s got to be love, too, right? you don’t spend your whole life fighting if you don’t have something to fight for. 

things ares loves:

- everyone who has a battle to win; be it physical, mental, emotional. he sees them, and he protects them, and he understands. 

- aphrodite. 

- hephaestus, too, in time. 

- catching his breath after running a marathon, after winning (or losing) a boxing match, after watching the sunrise.  

- sinking into a hot tub and letting the water wash away the soreness of his bruises, of his overworked muscles. 

- the feeling of wet grass beneath his bare feet while he’s doing his morning stretches in the yard. 

just give me some good, soft ares once in a while. let him rest a while. 

I’m like 99% sure I haven’t posted this yet?? (no pun intended) So I’ll do that now!

Made this around when MP100 S1 was ending, I’m not terribly happy with it now, but I put a lot of work into it and people seemed to like it when I sold it! (back during the mini-comics expo at SCAD) so why not share the finished thing here?