da vinciâs demons

Da Vinci’s Demons is coming to NYCC!

It’s official: Executive Producers David S. Goyer and John Shiban join cast members Tom Riley, Blake Ritson, Laura Haddock and Gregg Chillin for a joint STARZ panel featuring both Da Vinci’s Demons and Black Sails on Saturday, October 11th at 12:15pm in Room 1A06, where we’ll show a SNEAK PEEK of Season 3.

Meet the cast during an Autograph Session at 3:45pm in Hall 1B, and use the Da Vinci’s Demons charging station in the North Concourse to make sure you always have enough power to post all of your NYCC pictures immediately to tumblr.

We hope to see you there!

While ending Leonardo’s journey is bittersweet for me, I’m happy we’re ending the story on a high note. Leonardo was famous for his mirror-writing, and there’s a symmetry to the entire series — between the first episode and the final one — that I think the maestro would have appreciated. I want to thank our dedicated fans around the world for viewing and engaging with such passion. I want to thank Starz for joining me on this crazy romp. And I want to thank Tom Riley for turning in a consistently brilliant performance. It’s no small feat to portray a genius, but Tom did it with grace and humor. I hope everyone enjoys these final episodes as much as we enjoyed making them.
—  David S. Goyer on the final season of Da Vinci’s Demons, Variety