da vinci quest

This show! What an amazing quest it has been. Genius, adventure, art, science, friendship, love, war and so many more elements perfectly combined!👍 I enjoyed every moment, all performances displayed by the wonderful actors and all the great work, which I want to call artwork, produced by the crew. I still believe the quest ends way before it’s time, and since we got the news months ago I’ve been sorry about that, but this feeling can never ruin the gratitude for all the great moments&memories Da Vinci’s Demons presented throughout the time. Many thanks to everyone involved in this show, and also everyone I met through it! 😊😄😁👍👏

The quest ends.
Da Vinci’s Demons ends this week, but this is not a sad farewell post. 😊
I felt in love with this show since the first episode of season 1 and I was sure that I will never been disappointed by it.
I was right. 😊
For me Da Vinci’s Demons has been a beautiful, happy, touching, crazy journey, I laughed, I did hold my breath, I giggled, I cried.
I had the luck to share this exciting adventure with amazing persons from all the World, now they are my true friends.
You know who you are my piglets. 😉
Our David Goyer said that he will do another season of Da Vinci’s Demons day, and I want to have trust in him, so I wish to see our heroes dress again their costumes soon. 🙏🏼

I really want to say THANK YOU to all the cast, to all the crew, you created a fantastic world with your huge talent and your deep passion.
I wish you all the best guys!
I send you a big big big hug!