da vinci alive

anonymous asked:

favourite photo of chris pine?:D

okay so i wasnt ignoring u nonners - it genuinely took me this long to limit it to… ten. i know you asked for favourite photo not photoS, but im only human u see so this is the best i could do and it was HARD AS HELL

okay so here we go, in no particular order:

he is actual literal perfection like if da vinci was alive to see this hed be nutting

he is Tired and has no time or patience for ur bs

that position cant have been comfortable… look at him, suffering for his Art. also v nice ankles christopher

an angel??? an honest to god angel??? he is literally????? so radiant??????

this is like…. a warm slice of cinnamon-y apple pie come to life. if u could imagine a Warm Hug as a person, this is what it would look like

i have never had, nor will i ever have, sex that even approaches the sheer eroticism of this picture. 

lolwut (i know this is… not the best look…. but as a tired english lit major, this speaks to me on a spiritual level)

if u can look at this and NOT smile back at him, im calling the cops on u

i like thigh

such a sophisticated gentleman…. look at those delicate wristbones… that knowing look…. that floofy hair full of secrets………….. n i c e

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If Leonardo Da Vinci was still alive, he's beg to paint the portraits of you three.

Admin pointed to Light, “Him I can believe.” Pointing to Dark she shrugged, “Maybe if he stripped.”

Dark jerked his thumb at Admin and said sarcastically, “Even Da Vinci couldn’t capture her beauty.”

Admin opened her mouth to snark a retort, the words caught in her throat when she realized what he said, “That’s……don’t…..YOU SAID IT SARCASTICALLY IT DOESN’T COUNT!”

Light stood next to you, “I think he almost had her.”