da ting

This is Sam. Or Sammy. Or Samuel when he’s in trouble, which, he usually is. My little rebel cat. Also, he likes to du da ting and try to trip me and then gets angry about when he didn’t. >:D haha, lost another one, Sam!

anonymous asked:

Critical when entering the DM lounge: Don't force da ting. Let it go when it needs to be let go don't start leaving paragraphs. Once you let go, the next rapper you DM gotta be outside the circle, no cross contamination.If you DMed the 1st the right way and the 2nd one finds out you can explain that you didnt say anything scandalous. Can't get mad over shit he can't prove. Use your best pic for your profile. If he's attracted to you he'll keep chatting even if you say some dumb shit.

Yasssss anon dm queen! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Teach them & lead them to the right path! -A