da ting

This is Sam. Or Sammy. Or Samuel when he’s in trouble, which, he usually is. My little rebel cat. Also, he likes to du da ting and try to trip me and then gets angry about when he didn’t. >:D haha, lost another one, Sam!


Da Orcs be many tings, but weak in any way ain’t one o’ dem, especially when it be comin’ to will. It be true dat dere have been some bad leadahs, but dat can be said for every race. Howevah, I’m gonna ask ya a question before I explain meself.

What does it mean to be a bad leadah?

Ya be sayin’ dere been many bad leadahs fo’ da Orcs, when in trut’ I can only tink o’ two; Garrosh, an’ Gul'dan. Dey be separate from all oddah Orcish leadahs dat I know of, because o’ one ting, mon. Neiddah cared about deir people.

T'rall, Orgrim, Blackhand, Durotan, an’ all da oddah Orc leadahs ya know about cared fo’ deir people. Even Grommash, wit’ all his mistakes, only wanted what be bess’ fo’ his people. Some o’ dem wanted conquest, true, but we all know dat be part o’ bein’ an Orc.

Dey respect strengt’, value honah. All dese mon had dese virtues in abundance, even Garrosh did fo’ a while. When a leadah arises, people follow. Dat’s not bein’ weak willed, dat’s workin’ togeddah. All races do dis, not juss’ Orcs mon.

Will, in fact, has little do do wit’ it. A mon could be evil to da core, but if dey believe in what dey doin’, and nevah falter, deir will, dough cursed and corrupted, still be strong. Dat be da way o’ da Orcs. Dey fight to da end, seein’ it as a great honah to die fo’ whatchya be fightin’ for.

Any leadah who can inspire dis much admiration for his people an’ respect dem in return, good or evil, still be a good leadah.

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*is now imagining Chara with an over-pronounced Irish accent* I caN'T BREATHE *dies laughing*

One time I tried reading some of Chara’s lines in an Irish accent just to see how it sounded.

“Fassinatin’ esent et. Da tings da ‘uman mind does in arda ter pratect etself. Ye’ve fergott’n all da wanderful times we ‘ad tagether. :)”