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can u imagine being a casual fan of the x files in the 90s and turning on ur tv for All Things and be like hmm time for this weeks x files episode :) lets see what Muldo and scully investigate tonite. and then like its the opening scene and u see scully getting dressed and leaving mulders apartment and the camera pans on sleeping naked Mulder and bah da ba da ba da dum. ting woo wooo wooo wooo Woo. i wouldve DIED!!! bitch!! im laughing so much i would ahave gone into cardiac arrest

A Waltz with the Clown


This one-shot is based off a confession submitted to @pennywiseconfessions in which the reader dances with Pennywise like in Beauty and the Beast.  Rated M for language and sexual content.  The confession that inspired this can be found here: http://pennywiseconfessions.tumblr.com/post/166467263592 


“Dance, my little precious, dance!” Pennywise squeals as he kicks his legs out, one after the other in the most grotesque and jarring of jigs.  He stands behind you, guiding your movements along with his own, like a puppet muster with your limbs attached to imaginary strings.  Your body jerks this way and that way, being manhandled roughly and without finesse.  One wrong movement, just one sudden yank, and you’re sure your arm will dislocate from your shoulder.  You move along as best you can, trying your damnedest to match his superhuman speed and ferocity to avoid the seemingly unavoidable injury that is bound to happen if he keeps this up for much longer.  

You hate it when he gets like this, which is usually after he feasts on some sorry preadolescent urchin.  He always returns on a high, squealing and yapping, prancing and pouncing.  He is like a hurricane entering land, tearing everything in his path, bursting through the side door of the wagon where you are kept chained to its wheel.  The sound of hysterical laughter and high-pitched howls precede him, and when his bloodshot yellow eyes finally fix upon you, you know what you’re in for.  The stench of blood and pain overshadows the usual scent of cotton candy and popcorn that usually emanates from him.  He lunges for you then, and though most times you end up in some twisted, contorted position crying and moaning in pleasure and pain, sometimes you end up like this, becoming his marionette.  Like a rag doll, you’re yanked in all directions as he dances his high away.  And still, when he’s spent and sitting wide-legged on the wooden floor of the wagon, he reaches for you.  The end game is always the same: Mania culminates in ferocious fucking.

“You’re not dancing!” he yells, stopping suddenly and turning you forcefully to face him.  His bloody face is only two inches from your own, and his sulfurous eyes burn into yours.  You try not to gag, partly at the stench of death on him, partly out of vertigo.

“You call this dancing?” you manage to pant, turning your head away.  Even the stench of the sewer beyond the confines of his tower would be preferable to the one he carried now.  

He glares at you for a few seconds longer, then he pouts and shakes his head in disdain, the bells of his clown suit jingling.  How dare you refuse him!  Or challenge him! You, the little toy he kept for his own amusement, actually had the gall to defy your captor.  A growl begins to build in his throat, its deep vibration shaking you to your very core.  One wrong step, and he wouldn’t think twice of snapping your neck, or even worse, tear your traitorous windpipe out of throat and wear your guts for garters.  You get on the bad side of the clown, and you end up floating twenty feet in the air with the rest of his half-eaten prey.

“Can I show you something different?” you say coyly, lowering your head in submission but looking up at him.  You smile sweetly, and reach out to take his hand.  He looks down at your hand clutching his, looks back up at you, and you nod reassuringly.  Your invitation is genuine.  You know he has moments when he is playful, sweet even, like a petulant child reveling in the scraps of attention given to him.  But then, just as quickly, he can snap.  You know your survival thus far has depended on those moments in which you manage to keep him placated.  Will he now be the monster, or the playful child?

Slowly, the corners of his mouth begin to twitch, and the most mischievous smile plays on his lips.  Your own smile grows wider, and the two of you giggle in unison.  His eyes shine when he notices the twinkle in yours and he knows just exactly what idea has sprung in your head.  He always does.

“I’ve never danced the waltz” he says, half embarrassed “it seems so… dull”

“That’s because you’ve never had a partner” you quip, taking a step closer.  He goes to grab you, but you take a step back.  His smile is instantly gone.

“Uh uh” you tease “first you must… you know… take care of that” you say, wiggling your finger at his bloodied mouth.  

“Ah!” he exclaims in his childlike voice.  He lets go of you, and shakes his body vigorously.  Then, instantly, all traces of his meal are gone.  His face and suit are clean, his hair is perfectly coiffed, and he once again smells of sweets and butter.  Like a walking circus, you think to yourself, a smorgasbord of delicious and enticing temptations.

“Ta-da!” he exclaims, throwing his arms out in an exaggerated gesture, causing you to laugh.

“That’s more like it.  Now, put your arms around me” you instruct, and take hold of his right gloved hand and place it at the hollow of your back.  Your right hand now takes his left, and he instinctively pulls you in close, so suddenly that your noses almost crash into one another’s.  For a moment you remain thus, locked his in his embrace with his breath ghosting over your lips, noses nearly nuzzling.  Your eyes drown in his, and were it not for his façade and restraint, you would be sure to lose yourself in the deadlights simmering within.  Still, even after all this time, you wonder how you’ve managed to keep your sanity.

“Um…” you stammer, but you’re so close, so engulfed by him, that if you surrender and close the inch between you, dancing would give way to the inevitable end.  But not yet.  You do not wish to lose this moment in which the monster is tame just enough to enjoy the calm that hides beneath the tempest of his nature.  You feel jolts of electricity spark and sputter deep in your belly, sending waves that pulsate out to your brain and the tips of your toes.  He is standing so still, his hold on you firm and unwavering, his gaze fixed and unblinking.  You want to, no, need to give in…

“Follow my lead” you manage to get out, and a faraway voice in your head marvels at how you managed to keep your composure.  He is teasing you, just as much as you are teasing him.  A thin line of drool begins to slide down his bottom lip.
You take a step forward with your left foot, and his right foot goes back.

“Now move to your left with me” you instruct as you slide to the right, and he joins you.  

“Now with the opposite foot, your left, you go forward and I go back with my right”

He is focused on the footwork, no longer looking at you.  When your feet join once more on the third step and you slide back to the first position, his eyes go wide with understanding.

“Like a square!” he exclaims, sounding like a four year old preschooler.

“Exactly” you laugh.  God, he could be so fucking adorable sometimes.  Damn him.

“Let’s do it again” he says and begins the routine.  “Right back, step left, together, now left front, step right, and together again”

“Oh wow, you got it!  Now, follow the same routine as we move around”

Slowly, you make a turn around the small wagon.  Then another.  As his movements become more fluid, he smiles and laughs happily in his throat.  He begins to pick up speed, and soon you are nearly flying around the small space.  Suddenly, he lets go of you, and you nearly stumble.  His mouth and brow are pursed in discontent.

“That isn’t right” he mutters.

“What’s wrong?” You ask alarmed.  Oh no.

“Music’s not right” he says.  Your eyes widen with realization and nod.  The calliope music that is currently blasting through the tower stops, and he now stands with one foot tapping in unison with his index finger that taps his lip.  He is thinking of waltz music, but can’t really place it, or recall it.

“Da da da dum… ting ting” you hum, remembering the classical piece with which you once learned to waltz, standing on your father’s shoes as a small girl.  A pang of sadness hits your heart, but you quickly brush it away.  Pennywise’s eyes go wide, he sticks his finger in the air, and his mouth opens in a wide, toothy smile.  As if on cue, the beginning notes of Tale as Old as Time begin echoing off the walls of his tower.  Your hands go to your mouth in shock.

“How do you know?!” you gasp, and he winks.  Beauty and the Beast has always been your favorite fairy tale since you first watched it enraptured at the tender age of five.  Now, a month shy of your thirtieth birthday, you stood before your very own Beast.

“Something is still wrong” Pennywise pouts, then he gives you the most lecherous grin.  With a snap of his fingers, the tattered clothes you wear transform into the puffiest, sparkly, and most glamorous yellow ball gown.  Your hair is now pulled into the prettiest half-do, and your feet are wrapped in gold slippers.  You look down at your hands in amazement as a pair of immaculate white gloves materialize up to your elbows.  You look up at Pennywise, and you are met with the view of a clown staring at you stupefied.  His mouth is agape, and his eyes shine with adoration.  You have no chance to react as he swoops you up suddenly, and he jumps out of the wagon, landing at the edge of his pile of keepsakes.  His high-pitched laughter mixes with your own.  

He places you on the floor, and pulls you against him once more.

“Now we can dance” he purrs into your ear, sending shivers through you.  You say nothing, for no words were needed.  Not now.  You lean into him, and as the song begins to build, you let him lead.  He waltzes flawlessly, and you and Pennywise begin to glide around the tower.  The small waterfalls of water that fall into the cisterns around the structure begin to magically glimmer, and as you splash around in the puddles of the floor, orbs of silver light begin to float upwards from the ripples in the water.  You are wrapped in a cocoon of silver white, and move transfixed, hypnotized by the way his eyes seem to shine brighter than ever before.

Around and around you go, and then much to your delight, he begins to twirl you.  He holds on to your hand as you turn outwards, then pulls you back in and he lifts you high in the air, his joyous laughter causing you to soar higher, higher, higher, until you seem to be floating, only to be brought back down into the safe anchor of his arms.  Without even realizing it, you begin to sing.

“Ever just the same… ever a surprise… ever as before… ever just as sure… as the sun will rise…”

“O0h ah ha ha ha ha ha… sing!” Pennywise exclaims “SING!”

The song now reaches its crescendo, and you feel weightless.  Careless.  Free.

“Tale as old as time… song as old as rhyme…”

He slowly brings the dance to a close.

“Beauty and the Beast” your voice fades, along with the song.  The two of you now stand still, eyes locked, wrapped in each other’s arms.  Your heart beats wildly, and if he had a heart, you would be damn sure its rhythm would match your own.

“So that’s the waltz” he breathes.  All is quiet, save for the gentle stream of the waterfalls and the haunting lullaby of his prey floating above.

“Kiss me” you whisper.  A small smile tugs at one of the corners of his mouth and he crashes his lips against yours.  You finally allow yourself to become lost, you surrender to his magnetizing pull.  You drown into the deep and delicious ocean of his mouth as the magic dissipates and his clawed hands tear at the aged and faded clown dress you normally wear.  You welcome it, you crave it.  This was your destiny, to become a prisoner of the creature that feeds on the youngest of your kind, the monster that haunted your dreams and now inhabits your waking.

Now, as your cries of ecstasy echo off the wooden beams inside the brightly lit circus wagon, tears of gratitude spill from your eyes.  For no matter what horrors await you tomorrow, at least just for one night, you were a Beauty, and he was your Beast.

The End.  


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This is Sam. Or Sammy. Or Samuel when he’s in trouble, which, he usually is. My little rebel cat. Also, he likes to du da ting and try to trip me and then gets angry about when he didn’t. >:D haha, lost another one, Sam!


“Niall for the last time I’m not a bridesmaid so no, i can’t walk with you down the aisle.” You rolled you eyes as you saw Niall pout as he fixed the collar of his button up shirt. You were in a back room of the beautiful church that Niall and Harry’s friend was due to get married in soon.

“I jus don’t wanna walk down alone.” You turned your head as Niall slid on his suit jacket. You smiled as Harry walked into the room with his shirt done up and his jacket on.

“Oi! I’m gonna walk down with ya.” Niall just made a face as Harry ran a hand through his hair. “What? I’m not good enough for you to walk down the aisle with?” You laughed as Harry glared at Niall who was now fixing his own hair in the mirror.

“Don’t start on da jealous bullshit H, don’t have time fo it tonight. We here ta celebrate love and all dat stuff.” You rolled your eyes as you stood up and smoothed out your dress. Harry crossed his arms over his chest as he turned to glare at Niall some more.

“I’m not jealous mate, trust me if i had the option of walking with her down the aisle instead of you i would gladly choose her.” Niall just laughed and nodded his head as he gave himself a once over in the mirror. You walked up behind the two of them and placed a hand on both of their backs.

“You two better watch yourselves, gonna steal the attention away from the bride.” You watched them roll their eyes as little smiles formed on their faces. There was a knock on the door letting the boys know it was time for them to get in their positions, you quickly placed a kiss on both of their cheeks before turning to leave the room.

The ceremony was lovely, you only saw a few tears escape from Harry’s eyes. You loved how intimate it was, you saw Niall stand there looking a bit awkward at first until Harry got to the spot next to him and you watched him relax a bit. The two of them were positively beaming when the bride walked down the aisle, she looked absolutely beautiful.

“You two looked lovely up there.” You teased as you took your seat between Niall and Harry at the table reserved for the bridal party at the reception.

“Oh yes, H looked proper lovely wit dem tears streamin down his face.” Niall joked as he reached for his beer. Harry just rolled his eyes as he took a sip of his whiskey sour, as you watched Niall nearly finish off his beer in one giant swig you knew this was going to be an entertaining evening.

You soon found yourself sipping on water as you watched Niall and Harry move around the dance floor. You laughed when you saw one of the bridesmaids tug Niall to the center of the floor by the collar of his shirt, his face was bright red as she undid a few buttons of his shirt. You smiled when you saw Harry swaying to the beat with his eyes closed and a half empty glass in his hand while a group of kids danced around him.

“You better get out there,” You were scrolling on your phone when the bride tapped on your shoulder. “Those two are about to cause quite the scene in the middle of the dance floor.” You turned your head and when you saw Niall and Harry both in the center of the floor with their shirts undone you felt your mouth drop.

“Oh my god.” You quickly scooted your chair back and stood up as the bride laughed as she surveyed the growing group that was forming around the two men.

“Oi! Ya tink dat move can beat dis?” You wiggled your way to the center of the floor just in time to see Niall do a twirl and hip thrust towards Harry who was now sipping from a full glass.

“Harry Edward Styles,” You watched as Harry’s eyes widened as he slowly turned his head towards you. “You cover yourself up this instant. This is a wedding not a bachelorette party.” You heard Niall’s distinct laugh coming from next to you causing you to snap your head in his direction.

“He has ta cover up his bits too!” Harry argued as he drunkly tried to fix his shirt with one hand due to the drink he was still holding in his other. You saw Niall’s cheeks redden as he finally made eye contact with you.

“Now now Princess, no need ta fuss jus a little dance off. No big deal.” You took a step closer to him as he took a swig from his beer. When you were finally standing in front of him You rolled your eyes as he sloppily tried to tuck his shirt back into his trousers.

“Niall James, You two are half naked and dancing around at a wedding. Look around,” you motioned to the crowd gathered around the three of you all with their phones out. “Your dance off is going to be the talk of town tomorrow morning all while you two are crying on my couch of an awful hangover.” You looked at Harry over you shoulder and couldn’t help but shake your head when you saw him holding the glass with his mouth so he could use both hands to redress himself.

“Not da first time we’ve been da talk of da town.” Your attention went back to Niall as he argued with you, his cheeks were pink along with the whites of his eyes and the tip of his nose, all clear signs he was well passed buzzed.

“Never for indecent exposer at a wedding.” You watched as Niall just shrugged as you let out a huff and began buttoning his shirt up from the bottom.

“Oi! Ya didn’t help me get dressed! Why tha lil leprechaun gets help?” You soon felt an arm being slung over your shoulder. You rolled your eyes as Niall smirked at Harry before finishing off his beer. “Little prick this one is, where did we find em anyway Princess? Do they take returns? Maybe an exchange?” You laughed a little as you finished buttoning up Niall’s shirt while Niall shot Harry a glare.

“Better yet how do we return dis lanky clumsy ting? Can barley walk when he’s sober let alone when he’s had a few. Say we trade em in fo someone else, i know jus da guy.” You shot Niall a warning look before turning your head to see Harry with his jaw locked and a glare in his eyes.

“Don’t you fuckin say it.” You looked between the two men and when Niall finally cracked a smile you instantly relaxed a bit.

“Wouldn’t replace ya mate. Who would get all da tings off da top shelf if ya wasn’t round? Our little love here would be proper screwed.” You rolled your eyes as Harry began leading you off the dance floor. You felt eyes following the three of you the entire way back to your table and you heard a few camera clicks go off as well.

“You two need water. Lots of water.” You grabbed your glass of water and placed it in front of Harry who’s mouth turned downwards into a pout when you turned the straw towards him.

“No what we need is cuddles, lots of cuddles.” Niall mumbled as he leaned over and rested his head on your shoulder just as Harry picked up the glass of water and began sucking from the straw while he rested his arm over the back of your chair.

“Agreed. Snuggles are in order! Oh can we use that new heated blanket you jus got? Sounds dreamy.” You looked from Niall who’s eyes were half open to Harry who was supporting a big dimpled grin you couldn’t help but just shake your head at the situation you were currently in.

“Don’t know if you two deserve cuddles after the show you just put on.” You heard Niall let out a sigh as Harry put the glass of water down on the table. You smiled when Harry rested his head against yours and brought his other arm out to wrap around you and Niall.

“Oh come on princess. Ya love a good snuggle.” You laughed as Harry placed a sloppy kiss to your cheek. “Come on, let’s go home.” You just shook your head as Harry unwrapped himself from you and Niall picked his head up and rubbed his eyes before standing up and offering you a hand.

“Always a gentlemen.” You teased as you grabbed his hand while Harry grabbed your purse along with his suit jacket. The three of you said a quick goodbye to the bride and groom before heading off towards your car so you could drive home.

“Bloody hell dis feels fuckin amazin.” You couldn’t help but laugh as you watched Niall get comfy under your heated blanket, you still weren’t sure how you let them convince you to have a sleepover in your bed. Harry smiled and patted the spot in the middle while Niall still was snuggling down into your mattress.

“Oi! What? No bedtime love yous?” You had just snuggled under the blanket when Harry turned on his side to face you. Even in the dark you knew he was pouting and when you reached out and touched his shoulder you couldn’t help but giggle as he flinched away from your cold hand.

“I love you Harry, i love you Niall. Sweet dreams to you both.” You said softly and you felt Harry relax under your touch and you knew he was smiling.

“Love ya crazy lot. Oh and princess, i say dis wit love but if ya touch me wit dem ice cubes ya call feet in da middle of da night I’m not responsible fo what happens next.” You laughed as you felt Niall scoot away from you a bit.

“I love you both, and agree with Niall. Don’t touch me with your frozen hands or feet.” You rolled your eyes as you flipped over onto your tummy so you could get comfortable.

“Keep my hands and feet to myself, got it. Now go to bed you wanna be Chippendale dancers.” You heard Niall laugh a little while Harry let out a huff but soon it was nice and quiet so when the sound of Harry’s light snoring filled the room you knew they both were asleep.

You knew when they woke up in the morning the little red pills on the nightstand along with the Gatorade were going to be a godsend to them. You had already placed comfy blankets on the couch for them to use while they lounged around while you made breakfast. This wasn’t anything new to you, and you thanked the stars above that the two of them for the most part could handle their alcohol it just made them a tad more brave and a hell of a lot more cuddly.

You normally laughed at them when they made drunken fools out of themselves. They were always doing silly things like getting half naked at a wedding or trying to skinny dip in the fountains that were in the park on your walk home from a bar you three frequent. Niall and Harry didn’t drink all that often so you let them enjoy themselves when they wanted too and you loved that they trusted you enough to make sure they wouldn’t do anything too stupid, they knew you’d always get them home safe so you all could have a nice little cuddle.

dont talk to me if you dont start your conversations with DA TING GO SKKRRRRA PA PA KA KA KA….. SKIDIKI PA PA.. AND A PU PU BRRRROOOM BOOM… SKEEEAT DU DU KU KU POON POOM.. POOM POOM❗❗


Niall saw Harry standing with his back towards the playground, he was looking down at the baby he had strapped to his chest with a big goofy grin. Niall looked to his left and smiled as he saw his little girls looking around the busy park for a certain curly haired little boy they hadn’t seen in weeks. He followed their gaze and when he saw the little boy standing off to the side with his arms crossed over his chest and a worried look on his little face he couldn’t help but wonder how hard it was to get him to agree to come to the park in the first place.

“There you lot are! Was about to send a search party.” Niall rolled his eyes as his girls took off towards Harry who was smiling as they soon attacked his legs with hugs. “How is my favorite set of twins? You two been giving your old man a hard time like i told you?” The girls giggled as they looked up at Harry.

“Can we see tha baby?” Harry nodded his head and bent down so the little girls could peek over the baby carrier and see the sweet little girl that was currently asleep.

“She’s bald.” Niall quickly tapped his curly haired daughter on the shoulder and gave her a look. “Sorry.” She quickly whispered to the baby making Harry just laugh as he stood up straight.

“I know who you’re looking for love,” Harry turned around and pointed over towards a tree where his son was still standing looking extremely nervous. “He’s right there, been waiting for you.” With that the two girls took off towards the little boy who’s eyes got wide as he saw the duo heading right for him.

“Da girls have been lookin forward ta this all week.” Niall stated as he took a seat on the bench Harry had his diaper bag on. Harry took the seat next to him and smiled as he saw the three kids running around the tree, he knew that his son was more than likely trying to run away from the twins while they assumed it was just a game of tag.

“Took me twenty minutes to get him here, refused to hold my hand unless he saw me wash em fo a solid three minutes and nothing less.” Niall just nodded his head as Harry let out a sigh before turning and looking right at him. “He hates the park, doesn’t like how sticky everything is and how he gets all sweaty. Makes us rush home so he can shower.”

“Jus tell em it’s a special kinda sticky stuff, gonna give em super sonic speed or somethin.” Harry rolled his eyes at a Niall’s advice just as Harry’s son ran up to Harry holding out his hands with a frantic look on his face.

“Sanitizer!” Harry was already reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out his bottle of hand sanitizer. “I touched the swing dad, full on palm to metal contact.” Harry’s eyes went wide with fake concern as his son rubbed his hands together after Harry placed a decent amount of hand sanitizer on the little boys palm.

“The swing isn’t too bad, remember you love the one at home.” Niall watched the little boy dramatically roll his eyes at his father’s words. Harry tossed the hand sanitizer back into the bag as he peeked down to see that his daughter was still peacefully asleep.

“That’s because it’s mine dad, I’m the only one who touches it.” Harry just nodded his head as he son turned around and ran off towards the twins that were currently sitting in the grass. Niall knew they were probably about to start throwing dirt at each other but he’d deal with that when it happened.

“Right, don’t think the supper sonic speed is gonna work on him mate. He just doesn’t like to be dirty,” Niall went from watching his girls make faces at each other to Harry who was looking at his son with a concerned look. “Or touch people that he hasn’t known longer than three weeks.” Harry’s voice was strained and Niall could see the crinkle between his brows forming.

“Oh relax Harry, he’s a kid fo Christ sake. Dey do weird stuff, go through phases like da girls their thing right now is wet Willy’s. Give em ta everyone they can reach, but next week it’ll be somethin else.” Harry just ran a hand over his face and shrugged his shoulders.

“You better not!” Both men turned their heads in the direction of the little girls arguing under the tree. “No! Don’t tell daddy!” Niall’s eyes went wide as his curly haired daughter grabbed her sisters wrist and yanked her onto the ground.

Niall instantly got up off the bench while Harry watched his son take a step back as the girls began wrestling in the grass. Harry couldn’t help but look down at the sleeping baby in the carrier and smile.

“You’re not gonna be rowdy like that are you my little love?” His voice was barley above a whisper as the baby moved a bit in her sleep.

“What da bloody hell you two doin? What’s dis about?” Harry rolled his eyes as he heard Niall shouting from across the park. When Harry turned his head and saw Niall pulling one of his twins off the other he couldn’t help but laugh.

“She bit me!” Niall rolled his eyes as he placed his little girl on the ground and turned to look at his daughter who was standing up and straightening out her shirt.

“You pulled my hair!” He quickly had an arm out keeping the two girls separated all while Harry’s son watched from a distance with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open. “She started it Daddy, she’s always messing with me!” Harry just watched in amusement as Niall attempted to handle the situation.

“Dats enough. You two are gonna have ta deal wit yer mum when we get home. So ya better make da best of dis time while ya got it.” Niall watched as both his little girls faces went from anger to sheer panic as he mentioned their mother.

“Sorry sissy, wanna play on the swings?” And with that the two grabbed hands and took off towards the swings. Niall turned and gave the little boy who was standing by the tree a smile.

“Ya wanna join em? They might need a referee.” Niall joked and Harry watched as his son took a moment and looked at the two on the swing set before shrugging and taking off to join them.

“Always threatening them with their mom, not quite fare now is it?” Harry asked once Niall was back sitting on the bench next to him. Niall just laughed and shrugged as he took a sip out of his water bottle.

“It works,” Harry just laughed. “She jus gives em dis look and they jus stop whatever dey were doin, it’s like magic.” Niall added as he looked at his girls taking turns on the swing while Harry’s son watched to make sure they were being fare.

“The missus has a knack fo making him just relax and it’s quite amazing to watch actually.” Niall turned and saw Harry looking at his son with a smile on his face. “She can get him to try new things, makes him step out of his comfort zone.” Niall noticed the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch a sign that he was getting worked up. Niall just reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze.

“It’s a mum thing mate, no point in tryin ta understand it. But dat little girl ya got, you’re gonna be da one who will fix all er problems. You’re gonna be da one who she runs to fo everything mate, from lookin fo spooky tings under da bed to makin her tears stop when she scrapes er knee. You’re in fo a real treat, a daughter’s love is somethin special.” Harry looked at Niall who was now glancing over at his twin girls who were waving at him with big grins on their faces.

“Thanks Niall, those two are lucky to have you.” Niall glanced over at Harry and gave him a smile and a nod. Harry went back to looking at his son who was laughing as the twins made silly faces at him.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with Niall breaking up little fights between his girls while Harry had to apply hand sanitizer to his son’s hands only a few more times. The two men talked about their wives for a while discussing how they needed to all get together for a dinner night soon.

Before the two little families went their separate ways Harry was surprised to see his son hug each of Niall’s daughters, something he normally wouldn’t do since he wasn’t big on touching. Niall smiled as he leaned over and placed a little kiss on the forehead of the little girl who was now fully awake strapped to Harry’s chest.

“See you soon mate,” Harry said as he gave Niall a side hug due to the baby carrier on his chest. Niall laughed as he patted Harry’s back before pulling away.

“Tell the missus i said hello and she needs ta give my wife dat chicken soup recipe.” Harry just shook his head as he grabbed his son’s hand.

“She’s taking it to the grave Niall, she’s told you that but i will see what i can do. Bye ladies, always a pleasure.” Harry shot the little girls a little wink causing them to giggle.

“Bye uncle Harry!” And with that the two men turned and headed off in the direction of their homes, Harry holding his son’s hand while Niall found himself with one little girl on each side of him as they went on and on about the events of the day.


 “Just be honest, tell me how you feel”