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Confession: At first I was admittedly a bit bothered that in the comics Alistair literally went to Antiva along with Isabella and Varric, and yet Zevran still was a no-show. But, when the writers later confirmed that in this comic’s worldstate Alistair had done the dark ritual- meaning the Warden is alive- I was no longer so bothered by it because it can easily be thought that Zev’s only not there because he’s with the Warden somewhere else. Undeniably up to some other sort of trouble, of course.

Catholic Reformation and the wars of religion

awww shit. I dont like this chapter. It tripped me up sooo bad. Actually, pre- test i studied this more than anything, and it payed off. there was about 3-4 questions on the phases of the wars of religion, specifically the latter two stages. Its confusing, im serious. Like, imma be real guys. I’m not suuuuper interested in the early history, modern European history is so so so fascinating to me, but, a lot of these little seeds in the beginning of our lesson grow into big things. For example, a later one to be sure, do you know how the reunification of germany led to Hitler’s revelation in jail after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch to rule Germany? Well, if you do, good luck on the AP exam. Hell you could prolly take it now. But, for the rest of you, sit and wait this series out, okay? AND SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS! Seriously, darlings, it keeps me going on this c:

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So lets get started anywho, we’ll finish up the circle of the reformation with the counter-reformation:

So while Renaissance Popes focused on commissioning art (which led to discontent of the people) and gaining their power, Popes post-reformation focused more on enforcing morals, creating new religious orders, and appointing sincere officials…which seems less sudden realizing that they’ve been dicks and more like, shit we’re losing all our followers and our religion and our moneyyyyy

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So they made a council! The council of Trent to be exact. Heres what they decided

*they rejected the idea of salvation ONLY by faith, saying it only came by faith and good works

*rejected idea of only the bible being important, they say bible and priest teachings are equally important.

*7 sacraments. 7. Not 2

*No more indulgences! Yaaaaay

*no more giving offices to your relatives (“simony” to be fancy)

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*Vulgate is the official Catholic bible edition

*Latin is still the official catholic religion- sorry to those who wanted to speak in da vernacular

Ignatius Loyolaaaaaaaa

he was the leader of the Jesuits, this catholic group

so heres what this group did, and they did a lot:

made tons of schools, did missionary work in the Americas and Asia

and made revival of catholicism in contentious states

(Note- there was a question on the test on ignatius- but it was like “Who was Ignatius Loyola?” and i was all, pshh Jesuit boss)

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Baroque Art

It was apart of the Catholic Church’s anti-protestant stuff

had a portrayal of everyday people, not idealized, focused on dramatic moments

art to know:

Judith slaying Holofernes


The calling of St. Matthew

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kk, we’re good!

Lets talk about The French Wars of Religion (or just the Wars of Religion)

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whew, a lot to talk about. But, shit, some of this stuff is like Game of Thrones style crazy.

So, a little brush-up. Under the Concordat of Bologna, (remember that? Read this) stuff happens, ladada, calvinists become pretty popular in France, there they were called Huguenots, too. really brief. They didn’t like each other, a ton.

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The Huguenots were becoming more and more powerful, which freaked out the catholic leaders, especially the french king Charles IX, and his mom Catherine de Medici. At the marriage of catholic Margaret of Valois and huguenot Henry of Navarre, Catherine and her son sent out catholic troops to massacre huguenots there in paris celebrating the marriage. 20,000 were killed. :( This was called the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. This started a 15 year civil war. boooooo.

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So came the Politiques! (My AP teacher harped on the politics from now to the 1800s XD) A small group of both religions got together and realized, holy shit, this is stupid. This needs to stop, before France destroys itself. After Catherine died, and the assassinations of the other dudes in power, Henry of Navarre stepped up to rule, becoming catholic (because most of France was Catholic), saying “Paris is Worth a Mass” meaning keeping French alive is worth changing religions and having to go to mass.

So he made the EDICT OF NANTES (i capitalize because it’s important!!!)

which proclaimed tolerance of Calvinism and recognized the rights of Protestants

Thats it for now! Good luck with school starting soon! Next week, 30 years war and Philipp


I finally read the DA comic Those Who Speak and I was really surprised on how much a better character Isabela was. It did show that she threw slaves overboard but she showed more wisdom, complexity and empathy than the ‘gold and giggles’ we got in the game and thus came off as a much stronger person. She fought for redemption her own way even if that meant that she would make more mistakes, because they were hers to make.
Plus her story’s themes of gray morality, personal identity, freedom, regrets, and the meaning of one’s name would go brilliantly with the themes of the game and
compliment the other companions.
I’d like to see that Isabela talk to Fenris about the costs of freedom or with Anders about refusing their birth names. Way better than non-stop cheesy flirting.
(And before you say 'character development’ this Isabela was never recruited by
Hawke and thus not the Isabela seen in the game.)