da punch


└ We get to see Neens shove shout *ahem* show his love for Oh-chan.  The brat~~

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Imagine Genos picking up Dragon Age to get into video games to try to see what makes his teacher sink so much time into them. [Also to practice not breaking controllers, but that is not the point.]
All is good till he determines to play a Tabris (City Elf) because he figures that is closest to his rural upbringing. And then all hell will break loose.
Please imagine a Tabris controlled by Mr. “I am a Cyborg for Justice” Genos.
More importantly, please appreciate him being pleased about Justice as a character existing.

And then being livid when he finds out about the mages and everything else. And that no one cares about them.

Please imagine Saitama coming home to him furiously typing a 4 thousand word rant into his phone bc he is personally offended that the Alienage wasn’t given more say and the writing didn’t carry over and Genos is Genos and he does these things and what do you mean they also took his cat, the writing in the end slides clearly said–

lechangenom  asked:

come on pap. punch da fucking flower in the face. or spare him, but at least fight back. dont let this psychopath rule you. your strong. AS STRONG AS MEEBS WHO IS DOING GREAT WORK LATELY ! Keep on meebs-chan ! *patpat proudly*

<is pat-pated> OwO what’s this? (that may be my fav meme i swear)

Heeey, you’re not givin Papyrus enough credit - he’s fighting the dream! He’s not looking, he’s refusing to look at whatever Flowey prepared for him. He’s like: NO, YOU’RE NOT REAL, GET OUTTA HERE!

…at least he’s trying…? I’m sure he’ll be fine =w=