da nang vietnam


Identification card reads:

Da Nang, Vietnam….Troops hustle through tall grass and bushes toward the objective, a group of scrub trees. At 10:30 a.m. in late November, the first Vietnamese Army troops scrambled from US Marine helicopters to launch a complex, two landing zone, vertical assault against Communist Viet Cong southwest of Da Nang. [11/28/1963]

Dave Warsh ©Stars and Stripes
South Vietnam, December, 1968: A look inside the cockpit of an OV-10 Bronco aircraft from Marine Observation Squadron 2 as it flies over the An Hoa Basin, about 15 miles southeast of Da Nang, during Operation Taylor Common 2.

30 Oct 1965, Da Nang, Vietnam — U.S. Marines inspect bodies of Viet Cong killed during attack October 30th on Marine defensive position on the outskirts of the Da Nang Air Base. During the battle, a company of Marines, outnumbered 4-1, repelled the attacking Viet Cong and killed at least 41 guerrillas

“China Beach: RcR Center”

In country rest and recreation for troops was found at China Beach in Da Nang. From an article in the Tropic Lightning newspaper (14Sep1970):

At China Beach, a soldier can shuck the war for three days to surf, swim, sail and sleep.  Nobody hassles anybody at China Beach. Nobody wears their rank on their swimming trunks or carries it into the weight room.  The only problems a soldier will encounter are determining how much sun to soak up, how much food to take in and how much beer to wash down.