da nang vietnam

“MUD SPLATTERED–Corporal Donald M. Ward (Indiana Hills, Colo.), a tank driver with “C” company, 1st Tank Battalion, scans the muddy road while providing security for a convoy near Da Nang.  Monsoon rains have turned roads near Da Nang into virtual quagmire.” 13 Oct 1967

229 - Individuals and Groups - 1967 - October 13, 1967, 10/13/1967.
File Unit: Divider/Subject - 229 - Individuals and Groups - 1967, 1962 - 1975Series: Black and White Photographs of Marine Corps Activities in Vietnam, 1962 - 1975Record Group 127: Records of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1775 -

Dating from fifty years ago, over 14,000 photos in this series of Marine Corps photographs from the Vietnam War are available to be tagged and transcribed in the @usnatarchives Catalog by Citizen Archivists like you!


Identification card reads:

Da Nang, Vietnam….Troops hustle through tall grass and bushes toward the objective, a group of scrub trees. At 10:30 a.m. in late November, the first Vietnamese Army troops scrambled from US Marine helicopters to launch a complex, two landing zone, vertical assault against Communist Viet Cong southwest of Da Nang. [11/28/1963]