da likes to ramble a lot

narratives where the thoughts and feelings of girls are validated are sososososo important

too often you see them written off or proven selfish or childish if they’re considered at all, and that can be super damaging for the self esteem of girls consuming the media

I’m not saying not to have growth arcs but consider them carefully, compare the arcs between different characters and ask yourself “are the girls in my stories being proven wrong in order for them to grow? do they have to be?”

every time someone goes “yo this tradition based on christianity is kind of limiting in it’s religious scope, we should probably get rid of it since freedom of religion is a thing” a bunch of christians go “YOU’RE TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS FREEDOM OF RELIGION YOU CAN’T DO THAT”

yeah well you’re taking away my right not to be reminded every damn minute that christianity is the predominant religion in this country so fuck off

I kinda hate the stuff that’s like “you’ll find your soulmate” or “you’ll find that person that completes you” because it’s implying that you’re not complete alone and ignores anyone who isn’t interested in dating or finding their “soul mate”

also kinda perpetuates the idea that ace people (especially those that are aromantic and don’t want to date at all) have something wrong with them