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To help me decide which retexture mod of Isabela’s outfit I’d use in game, I drew them. Featured (all non-whitewashing):

Also featured, some lovely Isabela outfit mods that are currently WIP:


I new cat! Have new mommas and even dads! Name is Tiger Lily and am 8, but still kitten at da hart! I greet my new parents every time they come home…also try to sneak into secret room bc there plants and sunlight. I love butt scratches and hitting my hoomans in the face with my big tail hehe. My first hoomans weren’t so nice to me, they let the other cats bully me. My second hoomans were nice but they were never home and I got so lonely. 2 of these new hoomans picked me up the other day and brought me home, where I get all the love, cuddles, and squish food I want! There’s plenty of boxes all over the house that I can hide in, but they said that the boxes will be “unpacked” soon…hopefully they leave me one! I’m so happy here ❤

Imagine Ezio Getting Jealous Over a Kitten

     “You’ve been playing with him for hours.” Ezio whined with his arms crossed.
      She glanced up at him, “So. I bet this the most love he’s ever had.”
      The little orange kitten happily laid in the crook of her arm while she rubbed his belly. He had just warmed up from being stuck out in the freezing cold for who knows how long. She had found him hiding inside a discarded box beside the ally way and convinced Ezio to let her keep him. Now he didn’t want to leave either of their sides.
      He stood over her, watching as she placed the kitten down and began batting around a small yarn ball for a moment before plopping down on the couch with a huff. He purposefully groaned as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the slight ringing noise the toy made.
      Suddenly, he felt a paw touch his cheek followed by a long mew. “Ezio, don’t be jealous of him. He’s our little baby now.” She said with a smile as she helped the kitten climb up Ezio’s shirt.
      He made sure to meet her gaze before giving her a pout, “He’s stealing your attention.”
      She rolled her eyes as she laughed, “Stop being such a brat and love him.” She picked up the little fluff-ball and moved his arms to make his paws tap on Ezio’s cheeks. “How can you not?”
      He laughed as he scratched the kitten’s chin, “As long as I get more kisses than he does, he can stay.”
      “Of course.” With a giggle she peppered Ezio’s cheeks with kisses.
      “Uh uh,” he said, tapping his forefinger on his lips. She smiled as she pressed her lips to his before settling herself and the kitten in his lap. He wrapped his arms around them and rested his chin on her head before closing his eyes.
      “Happy?” She asked, leaning her head to look up at him.
      “Very.” He simply replied as he glanced at the kitten, “He’s cute, but not as cute as me.”
      She slapped his arm, “Oh Ezio.”

watsonrules  asked:

a question, how does that "chen" thing that you reblogged works? just someone fascinated about germany that would love to learn german one day but it's too lazy to do so

oooooh I love talking about languages and stuff, thanks for asking, so here it goes

let’s take a word, any noun we want. how about bear. that’s “Bär” in German, so that should be nice and easy.

In German, it’s “der Bär” for “the bear”, which is a male article.

Now, if you want to make it cute and neutral gendered, you add a -chen at the end of the word, that makes it

das Bärchen.

Now, instead of a big, male monster of a bear, you got a cute tiny cuddly bear with no gendered article.

Works with anything really, but also most of the time, if you add the -chen you also have to transform the a, o, or u before that into an umlaut, so ä, ö, ü.

which would look like this:

die Katze (the cat, female article) >> das Kätzchen (neutral cute tiny kitten)

das Boot (the boat) >> das Bötchen (two o’s turn into a single ö)

der Turm (the tower) >> das Türmchen

tl;dr: -chen makes every noun gender neutral and tiny and cute and you should definitely use it at all times.