30 Day RP Challenge: Day 1

aight aight time to kick this shit off. using etienne for this to maybe flesh him out a bit more and fix his angsty bastard status. his tag is here. For convenience (and so I don’t have to crop shit lol) i’ll be using gifs of Luke Pasqualino as his FC (as shown below.)

anyways *cr1tikal voice* hey i’m kate and i’ll be doing the 30 day rp challenge for Étienne Trevelyan, let’s do this shit. 

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Okay so massive warning for neglect and child abuse when we get to the part about Étienne’s father. Feel free to skip it. Also unsure if his mother’s fate can be considered fridging or not…

Strained and nonexistent, to say the least. Étienne never knew his mother. The most he ever “knew” about her (what he was told by his father) was that she died birthing him. When he was younger he liked to believe she was a princess who went off on wild adventures and would someday return to find him. He’s not exactly wrong about that.

His wet nurse, Alysanne, was his mother figure for the majority of his childhood. She was the stablemaster’s daughter and spared Étienne as best she could from the harsh truth of the world around him. Alysanne was in no way perfect, but he placed her on a pedestal and idolized her because well, she treated him like a human being.

As for his father, well, Bann Harrick Trevelyan wasn’t referred to as the ruthless in hushed whispers behind his back for nothing. Even to his trueborn children he was distant, placing his attention all on ruling over Ostwick and making important connections with other City-States. It left them mostly in the care of their mother and wet nurses. He was hard on his sons, harder on his daughters, and viewed Étienne as little more than an inkblot on a contract he couldn’t tear up. Harrick was neglectful at his best and verbally abusive at his worse, but he never did lay a hand on the boy. (Damien and Warwick though, those are different stories.)

Harrick was a dick, though Étienne would only come to realize that in later years. The Bann would hold the fact he could’ve drowned the boy in a well at birth but didn’t to keep him obedient. Harrick ingrained a need to impress him in Étienne, and then never acknowledged anything he did.

So you may ask yourself why Harrick bothered to keep Étienne around at all. The reason comes in three parts. One, because it displayed a great show of charity to take in a bastard. Two, because Ostwick was in a great deal of debt at the time and the Richelieu family (of which Étienne’s mother Hélène came from) bought his silence on the scandal of their youngest daughter bearing his bastard by paying off said debt. Part of the bargain had forced Étienne on his hands. Three, because the tiny part of him that wasn’t a cold slimy bastard had held a soft spot for Hélène Richelieu.

Even years after getting out from under Harrick’s thumb, Étienne still harbours an unhealthy hatred for the man. Heir often asked him in his training if what he sought against Harrick was justice or revenge. After learning the truth about his mother, Étienne knows it’s both.

and for shits n giggles:

here’s young Harrick and Hélène and Alysanne

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He walks the winding ways
Of Fade and earth alike,
And hears a hidden voice
Soft ringing through the night.

He listens with intent
To solve forgotten riddles.
While others all forget
He keeps his silent vigil.

What man is this?
This wily Wolf
Who rambles through the Fade?

Once wild youth.
Once impulsive cub.
Now wizened, careful, staid.

No living man can tell
From whence the hermit came.
Though he’s confident at both
Travel and The Game.

Beyond his weathered furs
And unassuming guise.
Beats a godly heart,
That no mantle can disguise.

What man is this?
This fallen Wolf,
This cunning, witty rebel?

Both ruthless god,
And broken man,
The Trickster Fen’Harel.

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