da house

okay no but can we seriously talk about Traynor???? She’s just the absolutely cutest I mean

  • she is a NERD who recited the periodic table while drunk dancing
  • A GREAT & smart comm specialist
  • prefers to play space chess that gives you shocks when you lose. It can get sweaty.
  • (and also make her forget lunch dates but who cares, beat Polgara’s ass, baby!!!!)
  • has an amazing toothbrush and is willing to sacrifice it for the greater good don’t worry Traynor I’ll get you like. three of those to make up for it
  • showers in her underwear what’s up with that BioWare? Is she just waiting for Shepard to see and laugh and then just take them off for her like a proper dork? xD
  • *sees warm water* *starts taking off her clothes right now immediately*
Il tempo non cambia le cose. Alzare il culo e fare qualcosa le cambia.
—  Dr. House.

Bebs, let me recommend you a thing. 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ or にげるははじだがやくにたつ (We married as a job) The fact that I went and made some fanart should prove something. That I am a gigantic nerd.

Like me, I bet your passive learning avenues are well utilised. Anime, J-dramas, Japanese music… all lovingly gorged upon as we seek to fortify the Japanese language framework we’ve already developed.

This show is perfect for just that. The dialogue is simply structured yet peppered with fun vocab. Following along at pace, I was able to get the gist of what was being said more often than not.

The story itself is totally rad. You may find yourself tilting your head at first, but fear not, the entire concept ends up being quite progressive. Every character will manage to delight you.

Disclaimer: you WILL disregard all sense of pride and learn the 恋 dance. You WILL learn the lyrics in fluent Japanese and proceed to sing it mindlessly in public. This is normal.

Because it’s impossible to legally supply you with the subbed ending theme for language learning purposes, I offer you this Goosehouse cover (who you should also check out) and encourage you to look into WMaaJ yourself >

Ho soltanto capito che soffri di meno se non ti aspetti niente.
—  Dr. House.