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German Travel Vocabulary

Nomen/nouns (plurals in brackets):

das Gepäck - baggage
der Koffer (die Koffer) - suitcase
die Handtasche (die Handtaschen) - handbag
der Rucksack (die Rucksäcke) - backpack
die Gepäckrückgabe(n) - baggage claim

der (Reise)Pass (die (Reise)Pässe) - passport
das Visum (die Visa) - visa
die Identitätskarte(n) (ID)/ der Personalausweis (die Personalausweise)- ID card
die Reiseunterlagen - travel documents

das Flugzeug (die Flugzeuge) - airplane
der Flughafen (die Flughäfen) - airport
der Flug (die Flüge) - flight
das Gate (die Gates) - gate
die Ankunftshalle(n) - arivalls hall
die Ankunft (die Ankünfte) - arrival
der Abflug (die Abflüge) - departure
der Ticketschalter (die Ticketschalter) - ticket desk

der Zug (die Züge) - train
der Bahnhof (die Bahnhöfe) - train station
der Hauptbahnhof (die Hauptbahnhöfe) - main train station
der Bahnsteig (die Bahnsteige) - platform
die Fahrkarte(n)- (railroad) ticket
der Ticketschalter (die Ticketschalter) - ticket counter

die Fähre (die Fähren) - ferry
das Boot (die Boote) - boat
der Hafen (die Häfen) - port
die Kreuzfahrt (die Kreuzfahrten) - cruise

das Hotel (die Hotels) - hotel
die Herberge (die Herbergen) - hostel
die Übernachtung (die Übernachtungen) - overnight stay
die Buchung(en)- booking
die Umbuchung(en) - transfer
die Reservation(en) - reservation


reisen - to travel
ins Ausland gehen - to go abroad
Geld wechseln - to exchange currency

fliegen - to fly
verzollen - to pay duty on

den Zug nehmen - to take the train
den Zug verpassen - to miss the train
den Zug wechseln/umsteigen - to transfer to another train
ankommen - to arrive
abfahren - to depart

fahren - to drive
warten - to wait

übernachten - to stay overnight
buchen - to book
reservieren - to place a reservation
erkunden - to discover

sich verlaufen - to get lost


verspätet - delayed
gestrichen - cancelled
verzollbar - customable

gebucht - booked
reserviert - reserved

Hilfreiche Sätze/useful sentences:

“Wo ist/liegt …?” - “Where’s …?”

“Ich habe meinen Pass verloren.” - “I’ve lost my passport”

“Auf welchem Bahnsteig fährt dieser Zug (ab)?” - “On which platform does this train depart?”

“Nichts zu verzollen” - “Nothing to declare”

“Wie viel kostet eine Fahrkarte?” - “How much does a ticket cost?”

“Wo kann ich eine Fahrkarte kaufen?” - “Where can I buy a ticket?”

“Wann kommt das nächste Boot?” - “When will the next boat arrive?”

(Ay, this is my first vocab sheet, and I’d love to get some recommendations on what to do better. However, I hope you enjoy it and have a nice day!)

(Also Germany voted yes on same-sex marriage, it was finally time and I am so happy!🇩🇪)
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German Travel Vocabulary

Translated from @teacupful-of-languages‘ Finnish vocabulary list because I’m a lazy piece of meh.

die Reise (die Reisen): trip, journey

der Urlaub (die Urlaube): holiday/vacation

der Passagier (die Passagiere) / der Reisende (die Reisenden): passenger

der Tourist (die Touristen): tourist

der Ausländer (die Ausländer): foreigner

das Land (die Länder): country

die Sprache (die Sprachen): language

die Währung (die Währungen): currency

die Kultur (die Kulturen): culture

das Reiseziel (die ~ziele): travel destination

der Reiseplan (die ~pläne): itinerary

der Reiseberater (die Reiseberater): travel agent

die Broschüre (die Broschüren): brochure

die Reiseversicherung (die ~versicherungen): travel insurance

die Impfung (die Impungen): vaccination

das Gepäck (no pl.): luggage, baggage

das Gespäckstück (die ~stücke): piece of luggage

das Handgepäck (no pl.): hand luggage, carry-on bag

der Pass / Reisepass (die Pässe):  passport

das Visum (die Visa): visa

das Ticket (die Tickets): ticket [can also be Fahrkarte, Fahrschein, Flugkarte, Flugschein]

die Karte (die Karten): map

das Flugzeug (die Flugzeuge): airplane

der Zug (die Züge): train

die U-Bahn (die ~Bahnen): subway

die S-Bahn: commuter train

die Straßenbahn / die Tram (die Trams): tramway, streetcar

das Auto (die Autos): car

der Bus (die Busse): bus

das Taxi (die Taxis): taxi

das Schiff (die Schiffe): ship

das Boot (die Boote): boat

die Fähre (die Fähren): ferry

das Fahrrad (die ~räder): bike

das Motorrad (die ~räder): motorcycle

der Flughafen (die ~häfen): airport

der Flug (die Flüge): flight

der Pilot (die Piloten): pilot

der Flugbegleiter (die ~begleiter): flight attendant

die Airline (die Airlines) / die Fuggesellschaft (die ~gesellschaften): airline

das Terminal (die Terminals): terminal

das Gate (die Gates): gate [only at airports; in everyday life gate means das Tor (die Tore)]

der Fahrplan (die ~pläne): timetable, schedule

die Ankünfte: arrivals [the signs at train stations and airports usually read Ankunft (sg.)]

Abfahrten [trains] / Abflüge [planes]: departures [same as above, Abfahrt / Abflug]

der Zoll (die Zölle): customs

der Check-in (die Check-ins) / die Abfertigung (die Abfertigungen): check in

die Bordkarte (die ~karten): boarding pass, boarding card

die Sicherheitskontrolle (die ~kontrollen): security control

die Passkontrolle (die ~kontrollen): passport control

die Gepäckausgabe (die ~ausgaben): luggage reclaim

der Infoschalter / Auskunftsschalter (die ~schalter): information desk

der Geldwechsel (die ~wechsel): money exchange

die Station (die Stationen): station

der Bahnsteig (die ~steige): platform

der Halt (die Halte) / die Haltestelle (die ~stellen): stop

der Hafen (die Häfen): harbour

der Parkplatz (die ~plätze): parking space

die Unterkunft (die Unterkünfte): accommodation

das Hotel (die Hotels): hotel

die Rezeption (die Rezeptionen): reception

das Zimmer (die Zimmer): room

das Gästehaus (die ~häuser): guesthouse

das Hostel (die Hostels): hostel

die Jugendherberge (die ~herbergen): youth hostel

die Hütte (die Hütten): cottage

der Reiseführer (die ~führer): guide [guide can also be translated to just Führer, but don’t ever use that, because, well, memories.]

der Dolmetscher (die Dolmetscher): interpreter

die Sehenswürdigkeit (die Sehenswürdigkeiten): sight

die Tour (die Touren): tour

die Kamera (die Kameras): camera

das Foto (die Fotos): photo

das Souvenir (die Souvenirs): souvenir

das Mitbringsel (die Mitbringsel): a present brought home when returning from travel; a present brought by a visitor to their host

die Postkarte (die ~karten): postcard

der Jetlag (die Jetlags): jetlag

die Reiseübelkeit / die Reisekrankheit (no pl.): motion sickness

reisen (reiste, gereist): to travel

buchen (buchte, gebucht): to book, to reserve

canceln (cancelte, gecancelt): to cancel

(sich) verspäten (verspätete, verspätet): to delay

umsteigen (stieg um, umgestiegen): to change; to transfer

mieten (mietete, gemietet): to rent

packen (packte, gepackt): to pack

ein/auschecken (checkte ein, eingecheckt): to check in/out

German vocabulary from Duolingo [part 5]

Duschen - to shower
Wohnen - to live, to reside
Bluten - to bleed
Arbeiten - to work
Singen - to sing
Hoffen - to hope
Wissen - to know
Halten - to hold, to stop
Können - to be able to, can
Suchen - to seek, to search, to look for
Gefallen - to please, to appeal to
Finden - to find
Ändern - to change
Treffen - to meet
Glauben - to believe
Warten - to wait
Liegen - to lie, to be, to be located
Scheinen - to shine; to seem, to appear, to look
Stellen - to position, to put, to pose (a question)
Stehen - to stand
Ersetzen - to replace, to substitute
Erkennen - to recognize
Benutzen - to use
Erweitern - to extend, to expand
Erlauben - to permit
Verpassen - to miss (be late for, be unable to use or attend, fail to hit or reach)
Bestellen - to order, to reserve
Übernehmen - to take over
Passieren - to happen
Akzeptieren - to accept
Abonnieren - to subscribe
Spazieren - to take a walk, to stroll
Prüfen - to examine
Sammeln - to collect
Meinen - to mean, to think
Schauen - to look (at something)
Steigen - to climb, to rise
Fehlen - to lack, to be absent
Stehlen - to steal
Besuchen - to visit  
Werden - to be going to, will, to become
Reden - to speak, to talk
Warten - to wait
Vergessen - to forget
Lieben - to love
Testen - to test
Lösen - to loose, to remove, to separate, to solve
Beraten - to discuss, to advise
Schützen - to protect, to defend, to guard, to cover
Bieten - to offer
Merken - to notice, to realize, to memorize
Erklären - to explain
Hassen - to hate
Lachen - to laugh
Duern - to last, to continue, to take (time)
Tun - to do
Bestätigen - to confirm
Wiederholen - to repeat
Mieten - to hire, to rent
Wecken - to wake, to wake up
Dürfen - to be allowed to, to be permitted to, may
Aussagen - to state, to testify
Registrieren - to register
Entscheiden - to decide
Teilnehmen - to participate
Betrachten - to look (at), to consider (at), to look upon
Vorstellen - to move forward, to introduce, to imagine

Das Hausgerät (Hausgeräte) - household appliance
Die Reinigung (Reinigungen) - cleaning
Der Umzug (Umzüge) - move, removal, relocation
Das Gerät (Geräte) - appliance, device, tool
Der Schalf - sleep
Der Haushalt (Haushalte) - household
Die Zahnbürste (Zahnbürsten) - toothbrush
Die Zahnpasta (Zahnpasten/Zahnpastas) - toothpaste
Der Raum (Räume) - room, space
Das Glas (Gläser/Glas) - glass
Die Leiter (Leitern) - ladder
Die Batterie (Batterien) - battery
Die Toilette (Toiletten) - toilet
Die Tasse (Tassen) - cup
Das Tor (Tore) - gate
Die Schüssel (Schüsseln) - bowl
Der Teller (Teller) - plate
Der Kühlschrank (Kühlschränke) - refrigerator
Der Karton (Kartons/Kartone) - cardboard
Der Rucksack (Rucksäcke) - backpack
Die Flasche (Flaschen) - bottle
Der Rasierer (Rasierer) - razor
Das Bad (Bäder) - bath, bathroom
Die Seife (Seifen) - soap
Der Spiegel (Spiegel) - mirror
Die Dusche (Duschen) - shower
Das Duschgel (Duschgel/Duschgele) - shower gel
Das Handtuch (Handtücher) - towel
Das Shampoo (Shampoos) - shampoo
Der Tag (Tage) - day
Der Montag (Montage) - Monday
Der Dienstag (Dienstage) - Tuesday
Der Mittwoch (Mittwoche) - Wednesday
Der Donnerstag (Donnerstage) - Thursday
Der Freitag (Freitage) - Friday
Der Samstag (Samstage) - Saturday
Der Sonntag (Sonntage) - Sunday
Die Woche (Wochen) - week
Das Wochenende (Wochendenden) - weekend
Der Werktag (Werktage) - workday
Die Zukunft (Zukünfte) - future
Der Alltag - everyday life
Die Vergangenheit - past
Der Angfang (Anfänge) - start, beginning
Das Ende (Enden) - end, finish
Der Ort (Orte/Örter) - place, location
Die Kneipe (Kneipen) - pub, bar
Der Platz (Plätze) - place, space
Die Pension (Pensionen) - pension
Die Unterkunft (Unterkünfte) - accommodation
Der Bereich (Bereiche) - area
Der Flughafen (Flughäfen) - airport
Das Bundesland (Bundersländer) - federal state
Die Region (Regionen) - region
Der Bezirk (Bezirke) - district
Der Standort (Standorte) - location, place, site
Der Grund (Gründe) - reason, motive; ground, land
Das Grundstück (Grundstücke) - land, parcel, real estate
Die Zentrale (Zentralen) - central office, headquarters
Das Zentrum (Zentren) - center, centre
Die Halle (Hallen) - hall
Die Fläche (Flächen) - surface
Der Hof (Höfe) - yard, court, courtyard
Die Innenstadt (Innenstädte) - inner city, downtown
Das Inneres (Innere) - inside, interior
Die Umgebung (Umdebungen) - environment
Das Ausland - foreign countries
Das Europa - Europe
Das Ferienhaus (Ferienhäuser) - holiday home
Die Heimat (Heimaten) - home, homeland
Die Insel (Inseln) - island
Die Hauptstadt (Hauptstädte) - capital
Der Patient (Patienten) - patient
Das Medikament (Medikamente) - medicine
Das Pflaster (Pflaster) - band-aid
Der Rollstuhl (Rollstühle) - wheelchair
Die Praxis (Praxen) - doctor’s office
Die Gesundheit - health
Die Untersuchung (Untersuchingen) - examination
Das Formular (Formulare) - form
Die Krankheit (Krankheiten) - sickness, illness, disease
Die Medizin (Medizinen) - medicine
Das Krankenhaus (Krankenhäuser) - hospital
Der Krankenwagen (Krankenwagen) - ambulance
Die Krankenversicherung (Krankenversicherungen) - health insurance
Der Unfall (Unfälle) - accident
Der Notfall (Notfälle) - emergency
Das Opfer (Opfer) - victim
Der Zahnarzt (Zahnärzte) - dentist
Die Zahnärztin (Zahnärztinnen) - dentist (f)
Die Klinik (Kliniken) - clinic
Die Therapie (Therapien) - therapy
Der Alkohol (Alkohole) - alcohol
Die Diät (Diäten) - diet
Die Ernährung - nutrition
Der Monat (Monate) - month
Der Januar (Januare) - January
Der Februar (Februare) - February
Der März (Märze) - March
Der April (Aprile/Aprils) - April
Der Mai (Maie) - May
Der Juni (Junis) - June
Der Juli (Julis) - July
Der August (Auguste) - August
Der September (September) - September
Der Oktober (Oktober) - Oktober
Der November (November) - November
Der Dezember (Dezember) - December
Die Jahreszeit (Jahreszeiten) - season
Der Frühling (Frühlinge) - spring
Der Sommer (Sommer) - summer
Der Herbst (Herbste) - autumn, fall
Der Winter (Winter) - winter
Der Spargel (Spargel) - aspargus
Das Jahr (Jahre) - year
Das Quartal (Quartale) - a quarter year
Das Datum (Daten) - date
Der Kalender (Kalender) - calendar
Die Saison (Saisons/Saisonen) - season
Das Weihnachten (Weihnachten) - Christmas
Der Schluss (Schlüsse) - end, ending
Das Alter (Alter) - age
Der Geburtstag (Geburtstage) - birthday
Die Phase (Phasen) - phase
Das Jahrhundert (Jahrhunderte) - century
Die Gemeinde (Gemeinden) - town, municipality, community
Der Verein (Vereine) - club, society
Die Öffentlichkeit - public
Die Verbindung (Verbindungen) - connection
Das Verhältnis (Verhältnisse) - relation, relationship
Der Nutzer (Nutzer) - user
Die Bevölkerung (Bevölkerungen) - population
Die Jugend - youth
Der Einwohner (Einwohner) - inhabitant
Die Schnecke (Schnecken) - snail, slug
Das Paar (Paare) - pair, couple
Man - one, you, they, people (indefinite pronoun)
Die Liebe (Lieben) - love  
Der Traum (Träume) - dream
Die Not (Nöte) - need, necessity
Die Freude (Freuden) - joy, happiness
Der Wunsch (Wünsche) - wish
Die Angst (Ängste) - fear, angst
Der Eindruck (Eindrücke) - impression
Der Gedank (Gedanken) - thought
Die Ruhe - quiet
Der Humor (Humore) - humour
Der Spaß (Späße) - fun
Der Witz (Witze) - joke
Der Ärger - anger, annoyance, trouble
Der Liebling (Lieblinge) - favourite, darling
Die Lust (Lüste) - desire, wish, pleasure, joy
Das Verständnis (Verständnisse) - sympathy, understanding, comprehension
Die Schuld (Schulden) - guilt, fault, debt
Das Glück - luck, happiness
Der Termin (Termine) - appointmment, date, deadline
Der Moment (Momente) - moment
Der Morgen (Morgen) - morning
Der Mittag (Mittage) - noon, midday
Der Abend (Abende) - everning
Die Nacht (Nächte) - night
Der Zeitraum (Zeiträume) - period (of time)
Der Augenblick (Augenblicke) - moment
Die Uhrzeit (Uhrzeiten) - time, time of the day
Die Zeit (Zeiten) - time
Die Uhr (Uhren) - hour, o'clock, clock, watch
Die Stunde (Stunden) - hour; lesson, class
Die Minute (Minuten) - minute
Die Sekunde (Sekunden) - second
Der Zeitpunkt (Zeitpunkte) - moment, point in time
Die Mitternacht (Mitternächte) - midnight
Die Dauer (Dauern) - duration
Das Mal (Male/Mal) - time (as in the first time, many times)

Schön - beautiful, nice
Besser - better
Best - best
Super - super, great, awesome
Voll - full
Leer - empty
Komplett - complete
Fit - fit
Regional - regional
Automatisch - automatic
Hilfreich - helpful
Aktiv - active
Relativ - relative
Allgemein - general
Extrem - extreme
Original - original
Seltsam - strange
Wert - worth, worthy
Falsch - false, wrong, fake
Beliebt - popular, admired
Echt - real, true, genuine, authentic
Privat - privat
Sinnvoll - meaningful, sensible
Knapp - scarce
Verantwortlich - responsible
Bereit - ready
Egal - all the same, unimportant, the same, matching, alike, no matter
Offen - open
Gemeinsam - common, mutual, shared
Ausgezeichnet - outstanding, excellent
Zuständig - competent, responsible
Komisch - funny
Genau - exact
Fest - firm, compact, hard, fixed, rigid, steadfast
Weich - soft
Hart - hard
Kaputt - broken
Notwendig - necessary, essential
Selbstverständlich - natural, self-evident
Eindeutig - clear, definite, unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, unique
Begeistert - enthusiastic
Sichtbar - visible
Unsichtbar - invisible
Abhängig - dependent
Unabhängig - independent
Bekannt - known
Unbekannt - unknown
Nützlich - useful, helpful
Möglich - possible
Unmöglich - impossible
Praktisch - practical, convenient
Persönlich - personal
Positiv - positive
Individuell - individual
International - international
Verpflichtet - committed, bound, obliged, indebted, beholden
Kostenlos - free
Krank - sick
Täglich - daily
Wöchentlich - weekly
Monatlich - monthly
Jährlich - yearly
Heiß - hot
Kühl - cold, chilly
Letzter - last
Unheimlich - creepy, eerie
Interessant - interesting
Langweilig - boring
Ehrlich - honest
Witzig - funny, humorous
Dumm - dumb, stupid
Schlau - smart
Stolz - proud
Total - total
Böse - evil, bad, naughty, angry
Nett - nice, friendly
Tapfer - brave
Ernst - serious, severe, grave 
Schlimm - bad
Früh - early
Spät - late
Wenig - little, few
Zahlreich - numerous

Als - when, while, as, than
Ganz - quite, rather, very, wholly
Sehr - very, a lot
Ziemlich - pretty, quite
Eher - rather, quite, somewhat
Gewöhnlich - usually
Normalerweise - normally
Bald - soon
Danach - after that
Spätestens - at the latest
Endlich - finally, at last
Inzwischen - in the meantime
Hier - here
Dort - there
Da - there, here
Drüben - over there
Oben - above, upstairs
Unten - below, downstairs
Vorne - at the front, in front
Hinten - behind, in the back
Nebenan - next-door
Drinnen - inside
Draußen - outside
Innen - inside, within
Außen - outside
Überall - everywhere
Gegenüber - opposite, across
Lieber - preferably, rather
Gar - at all
Dann - then, after that, in that case
Jetzt - now
Heute - today
Gestern - yesterday
Morgen - tomorrow
Halb - half
Viertel - three-quarters of an hour before, 45 minutes before
Sofort - immediately, at once
Etwa - approximately
Fast - almost, nearly, hardly
Gerade - now, at the moment, just, a short while ago, only, exactly
Damals - then (at that past point of time)
Lange - long, for a long time, in a long time
Mehr - more; no longer, never again, nothing more
Oft - often
Manchmal - sometimes
Häufig - frequently, often
Selten - seldom, rarely
Plötzlich - suddenly
Tatsächlich - actually
Bisschen - a bit, a little
Ob - if, whether
Meist - mostly, most often, usually
Keinerlei - no … whatsoever, no … at all
Viel - much, a lot
Desto - the
Je - ever, per, the
Je mehr, desto besser - the more the better
Selbstverständlich - naturally
Genau - exactly

Fireworks (Steve Rogers x Reader)


Word Count: 1,504

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Hello, everyone! I know this is short and it’s kind of crappy but I just had to write something about the birthday boy! So enjoy and Happy Captain America Day! Also, if you would like to be added to my tag list, just let me know!

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Beep, Beep, Beep, Be-

Abruptly waking up, you swiftly turn on your side to shut off the incessant beeping coming from the alarm clock resting on your bedside table. Rolling onto your back, your eyes cast upon the peacefully sleeping figure next to you. Chest softly rising up and down, a small smile encompasses your face as you reach out to brush the soft blonde locks out of your favorite pair of eyes in the whole world. Today was the birthday of the love of your life and you were going to make it the best day ever.

After all, you only turn 99 once.

Trying to sit up as quietly as you can in order to not wake up the sleeping figure next to you, you climb out of the bed and begin to make your way towards the door. With once last look at Steve who laid peacefully asleep, you quietly shut the door as you made your way towards the kitchen. Deciding on making Steve his favorite breakfast, you hastily grabbed the necessary ingredients in order to give him breakfast in bed before he woke up. 

Once everything was finished and on the tray, you tip-toed back to your shared bedroom to find Steve still sound asleep. With another small smile on your face, you placed the tray down on the bedside table so that you could wake Steve up.

Sitting down on the bed next to him, you once again brushed the soft blonde locks out of his eyes as you looked lovingly at him. Seeing him stir just a tad at your touch, you leaned down and placed a feather-light kiss to his plump pink lips. Pulling away slowly, you were greeted with long eyelashes fluttering open to reveal your favorite pair of eyes in the whole world. Smile growing wider, your fingers continued to weave themselves through the soft blonde locks as Steve looked up at you.

“Good morning, Handsome,” You quietly said as a smile graced Steve’s lips.

“Morning, Beautiful,” Steve replied as he sat up in bed. Reaching his hands out, Steve cupped your cheeks in his hands as he pulled your face towards his. Lips meeting in a breathless kiss, Steve savored the feeling of your soft lips against his slightly chapped ones. Pulling away ever so slightly, Steve’s smile grew even wider as he felt your fingers tug gently on the strands of his hair.

“Happy birthday, Steve,” You said with once last peck on his lips. Pulling back even further, you sat back on your heels as you reached over and grabbed the tray full of breakfast items. Placing it delicately on his lap, you sat back as you saw Steve eagerly grab the utensils on the tray. “Made you your favorite. Waffles and toast.”

“Doll,” Steve breathed out, looking up at you. “You’re the best. Have I ever told you that?”

“Only about a billion times,” You laughed as you took a bite from his toast. “Now, c’mon. It’s your birthday. I have big plans for you, mister.”

“Oh?” Steve asked, quirking up an eyebrow.

“Yes!” You laughed once more, this time gently pushing his arm. “Now finish up and get dressed. We have a big day ahead of us, birthday boy!”

Watching you spring up from the bed to go get ready, Steve smiled as he watched your retreating figure. “Man, I’m so in love with her.”

“Steve, oh, c’mon already!” You shouted gleefully as you grabbed onto your boyfriend’s hand. Trying to drag his enormous self with you, all Steve could do was laugh.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise!” You said with a smile as you continued to drag him. “Now let’s go!”

“Okay, okay,” Steve laughed as he allowed himself to be dragged by you to the car.

“Where are we?” Steve asked as you pulled into a parking lot filled with cars.

Giving him a sly smile, you got out of the car. “C’mon, you’ll see.” Once again dragging your boyfriend behind you, you stopped once you reached the front gates. “Ta-da!”

“A fair?” Steve asked in shock as you spread your arms out to display the rides and game booths before you.

“Yes!” You said happily as you took Steve’s hand in yours. “I know you haven’t been to one of these in years, considering you’re saving the world every other day, so I thought it would be fun for your birthday to take you to one where you could relax and just be Steve and not Captain America.” 

“Doll,” Steve breathed out as he looked at you. “This is the best. I love it.”

A smile erupting on your face, you stood on your tip-toes to place a loving kiss onto his cheek. “Glad you liked it. But the day’s just beginning! Let’s go have some fun!”

As the night was drawing to a close, Steve could honestly say that this was the best birthday ever. Nothing compared to the feeling that Steve got as he watched you drag him all around the fair with a huge smile on your face. At every ride that you rode, you always held his hand tightly to reassure yourself that you were safe because you had Steve right beside you. At every game that you played, Steve couldn’t help but smile at you as your tongue stuck out just a bit in concentration as you tried to win him an American themed teddy bear because “Steve! It’s just like you! All American and cuddly!” 

All too soon the day was turning to night on the best birthday Steve had ever had. There the two of you were, leisurely strolling down the dirt path lit up with the various colors from the rides hand in hand. In Steve’s free hand he held the American themed teddy bear that you won for him while in your free hand you held blue cotton candy. Steve didn’t know where the two of you were heading, but he didn’t care. He was just overjoyed that he was spending the day with his best girl.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N),” Steve said, breaking the comfortable silence that surrounded you. “Today has been the best birthday that I have ever had.”

“You’re welcome, Steve,” You replied as you pecked his cheek once more. “But the night’s not over just yet. We still have one last thing to do.”

“And what’s that?” Steve asked as he tried to stop the blush from creeping up onto his face. Whenever you kissed him, without fail, he would start blushing incessantly.

“This,” You breathed out as you stopped on the dirt path. The path that you were taking led to a small lake in the middle of the fair. Pulling Steve along, you guided him through the dark to a small paddle boat that was resting on the sand. “Are you up for a little boat ride and a show?”

“Show?” Steve questioned as he sat down in the boat. With a mighty push the two of you were off as you paddled your way towards the middle of the lake.

“You’ll see,” You teased as you flashed him a bright smile. After a little bit, you finally reached the center of the lake where you could see all of the stars shining brightly. Turning in your seat, you dug through the back until you found what you were looking for.

“Doll, what are you-?” Steve started but soon stopped once he saw what you turned around with. In your hands were two paper lanterns that cast a warm glow across your face. 

“I know it’s probably stupid,” You started with a sheepish look on your face. “But I thought we could end the night by releasing lanterns into the sky like in the movie Tangled. I just know how much you loved that movie.”

A smile grew wide on Steve’s face as he reached out for one of the lanterns. “Doll, I would love to.” 

Taking his own lantern in his hands, he counted down from three until the two of you released the lanterns. As the paper lanterns floated up towards the night sky, Steve stretched his arm behind you until they came to rest on your shoulder. The lanterns floated away, two little faint glows in the distance, until they twinkled out of sight. Just when Steve was about to say something, the night sky was lit up once more as fireworks exploded above the two of you in flashes of red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and every other color in the rainbow.

“Happy birthday, Stevie,” You said over the deafening booms of the fireworks above you. “Hope it was everything you wanted and more.”

“Doll,” Steve grinned as he tucked a lock of hair behind your ear. “You’re all that I wanted and more.” Pulling you into him, Steve’s lips found yours once more as the fireworks above you went off in a colorful explosion. And man, did that kiss put those fireworks to shame.


Blue Gate Crossing (蓝色大门), dir Yee Chih-yen (易智言). 2003.

Taiwanese filmmaker Yee Chih-yen follows up his debut Lonely Hearts Club with the romantic drama Lanse Da Men (Blue Gate Crossing). Best friends Meng Ke-rou (Guey Lun-mei) and Lin Yueh-chen (Liang Shu-hui) are 17-year-old high school girls. When Yueh-chen admits she likes the boy swimming champ Chang Shih-hao (Chen Bo-lin), she talks Ke-rou into talking to him for her. But Shih-hao ends up liking Ke-rou instead, and the rest of the film develops their sweet friendship and adolescent romance. The only problem is that Ke-rou thinks she might be a lesbian because she’s in love with her best friend Yueh-chen.

The film has been well-received critically. Dennis Lim, in a review for the Village Voice, observed the film’s “meticulous framing and haunting use of repeated motifs” reflects the influence of Taiwanese New Wave directors Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang. The Portland Mercury described the film as “a modern-day Chinese lesbo twist on the old Cyrano story” that “treads new territory in the teen coming of age drama realm,” praising Yee’s “haiku-like directorial lyricism.”

Gentle and reflective, Blue Gate Crossing ultimately doesn’t make a terribly strong impact, but it does impress with its well-composed visual style and sensitive handling of bittersweet emotion.

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thevikingwoman  asked:

For DWC :) “W- What are you doing?” Any DAI characters, please!

Sorry for the wait! It took me a while to decide which characters to go with, so I hope you don’t mind an Adoribull modern AU. For @dadrunkwriting.

Find more random sentence starters here.

“W-what are you doing?” Dorian tried to keep his voice low, but he still found that his question was a bit squeakier than he would have liked.

“What’s it look like?” The Iron Bull retorted, now upending the metal trash bin he had found, dumping all the contents across the lawn.

“Making a mess,” Dorian replied. He felt unsteady on his feet, and took a few steps back to lean against the wall. Maker damn it all, he was going to have to suffer through a hangover in the morning if he was already this out of it.

“Yeah, well, it’s not my fault we got locked out, now is it?”

“Well, it’s not my fault Grimm sleeps like a rock.”

The Iron Bull just snorted, and then carried the now-empty trash bin to the back door of the house the Chargers all shared.

“Bull…Amatus…Can’t we just wait for Krem to come back from the club with the others?” Dorian asked helplessly. “I’m sure one of them remembered their keys.”

“You’d freeze your ass off.” And with that, he slammed the bin against the padlock on the fence.

Dorian winced at the resulting clang. “Yes, but don’t you think it’d cause less property damage?”

“It’s our place. Even if I fuck this up, I can take care of the repairs.”

He turned his gaze skywards with an overly dramatic sigh. “You just love smashing things for no reason. You need to join a wrestling club or something similar.”

“So you keep saying.” The Iron Bull slammed the trash bin down on the padlock, laughing a bit when the body of the lock finally hit the ground.

“I keep mentioning it so that you have a better outlet for your desire to fight everyone that crosses your pa-agh!” Dorian flailed a little as his boyfriend swept him up into his arms bridal style. “Oh, Maker! Put me down! I can walk on my own! I’m not that drunk!”

“I know. But I’m eager to get you down to my room.”

Dorian felt his cheeks warm with embarrassment. “You’re impossible.”

“I love you, too,” The Iron Bull replied with a smug grin, and pushed his way past the open gate.