da fuq did i just see

Am I the only one picturing Rin’s hearing going something like this?

Mephisto: *speaking fluent Italian* As you can see, this boy is the Son of Satan and I’ve been raising him as a weapon for the Knights of the True Cross Order!

Rin: *pipes up and says something really angrily in Japanese because he can’t understand Italian*

Silence ensues…

Angel: Da fuq did he just say? 

Two things

Archie is all of a sudden ride or die #Barchie (da fuq bruv)

Betty trusts Archie with a hell of a lot of things all of a sudden and it’s shit that maybe she shouldn’t trust him with.

What am I watching? Fucken Sons of Anarchy or some shit?

Oh shiiiiiit son, did I just see Jopaz? Well that was weird!

I’m aware this is 4 things but…

When They Are Protective

A/N: Sorry for the late post anon! I hope this makes up for it :)

S.Coups: *Sees SK staring at your chest* “Hey fella, did you lose something in my girlfriend’s shirt?”

Jeonghan: *Notices Wonwoo get closer to you and pulls you closer to his side*

Joshua: *A guy is about to hand give you his number and Joshua rips it up* “Awww, how cute! You thought man. You. Thought.”

Jun: *Leaves to go to the restroom and comes back to a guy flirting with you* “Step back. She’s with me.”

Hoshi: *Spots Seungchol making eyes at you* “You checking out (y/n)? I WILL END YOU!”

Wonwoo: If anyone other than him steps within 50 feet of you, he’ll just give the “the look”.

Woozi: No caption needed.

DK: *Sees a guy placing his hand on your thigh* “What do you think you’re doing?”*Rips the guys hand off your thigh* “GTFO!”

Mingyu: *Sees a guy making eyes at you from across the room* “Oh hey! I’m flattered, but taken. Give me a call sometime though!”


Some jackass: “Oh man, I’m sorry! I was just-”

The8: “Blah blah blah. Why da fuq you still here?” 

Seungkwan: *Watches guy walk away from you in defeat* “Bye bitch! I better not see your flat ass here ever again. This is my baby.”

Vernon: *Looks back at you then back at him* “Did you really think THIS could’ve happen when I’m here?”

Dino: “You want my babe? Ha! Let’s see what you got.”

~VIXX Reaction~

Hi! Can I ask a VIXX reaction to when a girl pushes you (you are their girlfriend) and says to you to stay away from them and to stop dating but they hear it all without that person knowing? Thank you so much and keep your good work! :D   
                                                                                      - i-bluegalaxy



*sees and hears what’s going down* “Who does this girl think she is?!?” 


“Come on, jagi… She’s not worth it.” *waves you over to him*

(As quiet as he is… I don’t think he would stay silent if someone he loves was being treated that way around him lol)


To himself: “What am I supposed to do??… I can’t hit a girl!”


“Don’t hit her Wonsik… she’s a girl… don’t hit her…” 


“Da fuq did dat bish just say?? Oh hell no…”

*walks over to where you are and gets in her face*


“Ohhhhhhh hell no!… Okay… This girl is actually crazy right now…” 

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•Rolling Stone interviewed arzaylea??? • Luke basically objectified woman as things to have sex with. •No one is caring that Michael has depression •naked 5sos on cover of Rolling Stone •I'm awesome, so are you. :))))

HAHA arzaylea was interviewed da fuq. Saw the cover. I died. Merry Christmas, amirite? my bby monkey mikey :( 

ok kids, so I just did some research.

tbh the article doesn’t sound like the boys at all, but at the same time, in luke’s and michael’s tweets, they weren’t denying it? (I wanted to source luke, but he deleted his tweet)

However, Rolling Stone has a history of fabricating quotes (see HERE for my source) so there’s a chance that:

  1. the writer fabricated these quotes to make the boys look bad
  2. the boys really said those things (and they’re not the boys we thought we knew - but then again, how can we say we really know them if we haven’t all met them and hung out with them?)
  3. the boys said those things, but they were taken out of context (i.e. australian humor)

(disclaimer: @ anyone reading this, I’m a broadcast journalism major and it’s my third year in university, so I understand journalism pretty well) 

yesterday while i was stuck traffic, i looked through my rear view mirror at the person in the car behind me, cause i always do that.

After I did a double take, I realized he was wearing an Ash Ketchum hat, so I kinda just yelled “OMG IS THAT A POKEMON HAT?”

Then I grabbed my pikachu pillow pet from the back seat and raised it up so that the dude could see through my rear window. at first he was like da fuq? then he started laughing and gave me a thumbs up

long story short, i bonded with the guy in the car behind me, while we were stuck in LA traffic.