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Arch, sandstone cliffs, and sea cliffs at Ponta da Piedade, Portugal’s Algarve coast

The Rumor Come Out: Does Dave Strider is Gay?

Dave Strider is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor. The public, especially his fans aren’t that shocked. He just came out with his maybe boyfriends which is spread massively. This time is not about his movie career, but his boyfriends. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this celeb revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans and Rose Lalonde.

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Okay, so. What in the actual hell? Itโ€™s been two days! admitedly, i have gotten on a very large follower spree, but i did not understand so many people would follow me back! This blog is one of a few mine, but i love Munakata dearly and i hope we can all interact in the near future. But today and right now, i just wanted to use this to sing some praises to SOME of my followers. And do a normal mention-list right afterwards. I do love you all dearly, and that praise singing mention is just me wanting to say something i wanted to say for long, or not so long time. In no order what so ever. There are some people that i did not talk to yet, or did not talk alot, but i will sing you praises anyway! So, here it goes! (under read more). WARNING. IT ENDED UP FKING LONG.

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Although she’s leaving the community, give @ania-da-peasant all your love and support. She’s starting to have a rough time blocking out all the haters

To Ania herself
Remember the bright side. There are WAY more people who love you then those haters. All of us on YouTube and the Tumblr community are here to support you. And if it’s not enough, talk to us. Talk to Me. Hope this gives so much love and care to you.

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Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth is a period drama at the time of King Jinheung from the Silla dynasty. Jinheung or Sam Maekjong had been kept into hiding by his mother, the queen outside of the capital where it was safe from enemies, even to the point of killing those who would see his face. SunWoo’s friend, who also happened to be Ahro’s long lost brother, became a victim to this. Here, SunWoo promised to seek revenge and kill the king. He then pretended to be in his place. As Jinheung grew up, everyone in Silla wanted to see him sit on the throne. Queen Jiso then decided to build Hwarang, a group of male elites formed to cut across the power factions, protect the king and bind them to the king. Jinheung decided to stop hiding, stand with his own feet away from his mother and join Hwarang. SunWoo, who was pretending to be Ahro’s brother, was also asked to join Hwarang. Their story of friendship and brotherhood started along with the discovery of the truth behind everything. Love also blossomed. Problems within the different families in the community and the society are tackled and solved one by one with the help of each other. Will the Hwarangs’ friendship withstand the different trials through the test of time?

This ended last night and yes, I was following through this and just finished watching the final episode. I would be lying if I said the cast wasn’t the number 1 reason why I watched this. Even before this was pre-produced, having known of the huge cast members who would lead this drama, I already got all excited. Not to mention that this is Kim Taehyung’s (BTS’ V, as we all know) drama debut. I’m not fond of period dramas but the cast totally lured me into watching this, I don’t even care if this didn’t lead the ratings. The OST was really good as well. I don’t think I need to tell you my fave track in the OST, right? Yes, I’m an ARMY and obviously my fave was BTS’ V & Jin’s Even if I die, it’s you. Also, this was a reverse harem, a production that had more male leads than females, usually 1 or 2 females only, making it more interesting to me. Park Seo Joon and Go Ara are such great actors, I’ve always been a fan, no doubt. Park Hyungsik has always been a good actor even when he started as an idol. He has always proved that he can act. SHINee’s Minho shone in this drama too. It’s good to see him again. Can I just spazz over Do JiHan? Yes guys, new crush alert! Isn’t he so handsome? He looked so adorable paired with Lee Da In, speaking of whom, I only knew now that she was the girl from Twenty Years Old (with Gikwang! Isn’t she one lucky girl? LOL!). Ban Ryu & Soo Yeon was another cute secondary couple. Sometimes, I just love the secondary couples more than the main couples. Also, Taehyung did such a great job for his drama debut! HanSung is just so similar to Taehyung. He was able to paint a smile on my face every time I watched an episode. Too sad, they killed him. Also, I have quite predicted what would happen in the end but I still liked how they finished it. I still somehow wished they showed what happened to HanSung’s family. Also, where was SooHo at the end of the last episode?

Judging the drama as a whole, this was heart-fluttering. Whenever I think of period dramas, I usually think of deep meanings behind conversations and old Korean traditions but this has proved that I was wrong. This was very light, I would even recommend this to my teenage sister and cousins. This has sent meaningful lessons for everyone to learn, most especially about friendship and family. No one can break a strong brotherhood. You may not know it and they may not show it, but your family loves you so much. Parents will always do everything to protect their children. The most important lesson I learned from this drama would be: Don’t let anyone use you like a chess piece. You are given two feet to stand on them, be free and be who you truly are. Don’t let anyone manipulate you, you are not anyone’s toy to be played and used with. This was such a sentimental drama to me. I’m giving this a 9.5/10.

(This review is made solely on my opinion and made with my utmost honesty and sincerity. Credits to the owners of the photos used.)

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