da couple

okay no but can we seriously talk about Traynor???? She’s just the absolutely cutest I mean

  • she is a NERD who recited the periodic table while drunk dancing
  • A GREAT & smart comm specialist
  • prefers to play space chess that gives you shocks when you lose. It can get sweaty.
  • (and also make her forget lunch dates but who cares, beat Polgara’s ass, baby!!!!)
  • has an amazing toothbrush and is willing to sacrifice it for the greater good don’t worry Traynor I’ll get you like. three of those to make up for it
  • showers in her underwear what’s up with that BioWare? Is she just waiting for Shepard to see and laugh and then just take them off for her like a proper dork? xD
  • *sees warm water* *starts taking off her clothes right now immediately*

I really want Lucy to say Jessica is the only one in the world for Wyatt, and then I want him to prove her wrong.