da couple

hufflepuff headcanon

around the same time as the da is formed, a couple hufflepuffs start a sort of school newspaper, called the puffington post. its runs a lot of shitty umbridge approved articles, but if you stab with your wand backwards and say “bullshit”, the articles change to ones about the da, ootp, truthful news about voldemorts movements, and other such things.

the crossword is lit as hell

I was nearly in tears when I hear Cullen say this, he hated the idea that he had to let the inquisitor go to Corypheus, you can tell his voice actor tried so hard (and he succeeded) in trying to make the line so full of emotion. It’s the idea of losing the one he found amongst the hole ripping open in the sky and the rebellion being lost forever and not her not returning to him which haunts him ;-; so I made this edit to appreciate it 🔮✨