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 i cnt blieve we found jaehyun n yuta’s iconic lookalikes w ow :o

A Sad Story About Murdoc of da Gorillaz

Once upon a time, there was a green pickle man named Murrdoc. Murdonk was a sad man indeed. He was in a band called de Gorrilaz, but it still wasn’t enough. In his band, there was 3-Dimensional, Ramen Noodz, and Roosel. 4 some reason, Mr. Pickle felt lonely :(. He was loonley his entire lyfe, but 1 day it all changed. When him and da gorrilaz came 2 dis strange house, it started storming for no apparent reason. 

“Lodest dorbeel I’eev eva heard!” Pickle man said.

“Lookz lyke a fixeer uppah!” 2-Dairy queen said with his extremely long armz over his luxurious purple-blue hair.

Da gang walked inside and Roosel said dat da place was welcoming, but to Murdz, it was tooooo welcoming. He said that they should split up because that always works in horror movie. HAHAWLLLL.

Everyone spit up and went in their own one direction. 2-Dizzle was supposed to be going upstairs, but he was too busy trying to find something to eat. Elsewhere, Poodle was fantasizing over Drizzle Drizzle’s body which was made 99% of legs. He had some sexc legz. 

RoOosel was sleepeh and fell alseep. 

Moodz was walking through da late night and seen something at da corner of his fourth eye. It was the most beeutiful thing he seen since Barry B. Benson and Robbie Rotten combined. It was…

T H E B A T H ! ! !11″ He screeched in excitement and he pulled down his pantz and his tongs. 

2-Dizzy4Meh ran into the B A T H room and pulled MurMur into a hug. He kissked him passionately on da leeps, but Pickle pushed him into the universe.

“Get away from me face-ache!” He scolded, naked and not afraid. His body was ready for the bath.

“But U wer suppoze 2 luv meh, MADOC!! How culd u cheet on meh?!” 2-Depressed cried as tears dripped out of his black eyeballsz.

“EYE LYED TO U, 7D. I LUV SUM 1 ELS NOW!” Murdoc Pickles jumped into THE BATH and he descended into outer space.

He was at peace now. He had the love of his lyfe by his side. There was no need to worry. 2-Deedz cried himself into oblivion, Nooldes got ambushed by a blue Jamaican worm and Roosel got attacked by a flying molded pizza that was probably to aggressive for its own good.


Murdink and T H E B A T H flew together around SATURNZ BARZ.

The End.

Just noticed that their solo parts in PARTY TIME TOGETHER

Iori: oshiete kimi no no.1 taisetsu ni shiteru mono
Yamato: egao ya yasashisa sore to mo to heart
Mitsuki: sleep shiteita jikan ni ohayou!!
Tamaki: present for you! michi wo yuzuru yo
Sougo: kaimono e iza go da!
Nagi: pizza no corner de boku wa lock on!
Riku: seven days! mainichi oide!

….have their numbers.


Kodak Bop

Finn Bálor | I’m Here

Title: I’m Here

Words: 1,033

Summary: I can’t see you in my dreams anymore

Warnings: Major Character death; VERY brief talk of an accident with undisclosed details.

A/N: This is my very first mini fic attempt that I have decided to post on this website and I created a side blog just for this reason! Pls pls pls give it some love (or some criticism, i’m not picky). I got the idea for this fic after I stared at the mobile header on this blog for too long and watched Finn’s 24hr special lol I hope you guys don’t hate me too much after this okay, bye, enjoy!

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