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Things are getting amped up when we join the army of Gregg in this episode of our Night In The Woods gameplay series! 


veronica mars movie anniversary
favourite moment of character development

Obviously the whole film is about Veronica’s development, her acceptance of who she really is. But this moment just struck me as a beautiful instance showing how both she and Logan have already grown. Logan’s ready to be open and honest with her; he’s willing to be vulnerable and possibly judged. He’s not expecting unconditional trust, but is ready to earn it by trusting her in return. And Veronica’s no longer asking him to fight for every inch of trust she’s willing to give. She’s not looking for a reason to disbelieve him any more. She knows who Logan is, and that’s enough. 


Ace gets freaked out by this insanely meta game!

“I’m fine. I don’t need to go to a hospital.”

Says the fox that has no fur on her right arm. Has patches of burn spots on her ears. The left ear has only half fur on it. Her three tails are burned mess. One has no fur what so ever. Her muzzle has burn patches. And she had burned and singed fur on her body. 

Yeah this fox need to go to the hospital. 

“Who in their bright mind decided it would be a good idea to clone you??” He asked. That was both an (accidental) insult and genuine confusion.

When the clone grabbed the blue-framed sunglasses, Marshall simply thought that the Louie was going to equip them. Might as well get the +∞ coolness stat. Would’ve looked nice. But when he broke them in half, Marshall gasped quietly, covering his mouth (area) with his small hands. “What the heck!”

….What am I supposed to do???” Marshall had absolutely no idea what to do, and he definitely didn’t have confidence on his side.

Now, Marshall would’ve probably ran up to Louie and untied him just then, but he was kind of blocking the way to himself. And he also had a gut feeling that the Louies thought that he was a Pikpik carrot..


Ace discovers the wonder and joy of ritualistic sacrifice and musical madness in this episode of our Bendy and The Ink Machine gameplay!


I just wanted a peaceful night of spooky fun! D: Not shadowy figures of death!


@aceofheartsfox figures out how to unlock the sack generators, and other odd paranormal puzzles in this episode of our newest Let’s Play series!