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favourite moment of character development

Obviously the whole film is about Veronica’s development, her acceptance of who she really is. But this moment just struck me as a beautiful instance showing how both she and Logan have already grown. Logan’s ready to be open and honest with her; he’s willing to be vulnerable and possibly judged. He’s not expecting unconditional trust, but is ready to earn it by trusting her in return. And Veronica’s no longer asking him to fight for every inch of trust she’s willing to give. She’s not looking for a reason to disbelieve him any more. She knows who Logan is, and that’s enough. 


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acommonrose said: Yeah, I know the least about DAI romances other than that Cassandra’s straight and it’s a tragedy

To be fair, apparently there’s a lot of discourse as to whether or not the egg is evil? A lot of people say he’s in more of a grey area and a lot of his reputation for being evil either comes from some, like, racist propoganda or some mistranslation in-game, but he may also have committed genocide? Or something but then other people say no? 

And calling him the evil egg is easier than “debatably evil egg.”


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“Solas was himself all along. He is always proud and wise and blunt. He always acts like an ancient elven god, and if we can’t see what he truly is, it isn’t because he succeeded in hiding.

No one else notices Solas because no one cares enough about some elf to look twice.

Solas is always himself. He doesn’t bare his soul during the scene after Haven is attacked. This is how he always acts.

I think he was given the strut animation because he is tricking us. He watched and smiled as the people bowed and serenaded us a moment ago. Now he’s realized that we can be of use to him. We can help him. We can get the foci for him.” [x]


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I just wanted a peaceful night of spooky fun! D: Not shadowy figures of death!


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