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Hi guys!! iz meh….sorry it took so long to post here, I’ve been really busy in DA cuz I need to earn this summer (still, trying my best though), but ofc I never forget my fave tomodachis here, I wanna hug you guys…well virtually~<33 

This is still not enough but this is all I can for now huhu~ ;;;;

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Potion brewing day.

2 nb mage nerds exchanging recipes and trying to figure out which ingredients are the same things with different names.

ok so i was browsing through old art while despairing over smth i’m currently drawing and i found this?? ??? and i hadn’t realised i never uploaded this omfg…

done for the tw mating games thing last year!!! i don’t…remember what the theme was rip

chase the sunlight
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon, Season/Series 03

But she’s not on the couch and she’s not in the hall and he knows she has to know he’s back after the way the prisoner he dragged back with him was screaming when they hauled him off the quinjet. There’s no way anyone on base missed that.

Evie’s mouth does that thing it always does when she doesn’t know how he’s gonna react to something. His eyes narrow.

“Dr. Simmons is in the infirmary,” she says, returning her attention to her tablet. “There was…an incident.”

[Another current drag me down AU because apparently I just can’t help myself.]

gomen, i havent been active here bc im all over twitter and dA //sob and been busy with life lately
i managed to doodl e thi s ok by e *dumps self in garbage can

[TRANS] 170303 Seunghoon Fancafe Update: Hiya everyone!!

You’re all busy with school starting, making new friends and adjusting to new life, right? I’ve also been busy with our recent music video filming in LA and to show a new side of me with a “ta-da!” We were busy and physically tired when we were in LA but we spent a really enjoyable time there. Thinking about meeting you all onstage gives us butterflies and it motivated us to do our best. The only thing left is for all of us to be happy!! 
We can’t express it in words but we’re always very thankful and sorry to you. 

As always, we love you 

trans by chrissy96_

Olicity Prompt ~ 5 Dresses

Originally posted by blankofthemonth

A prompt from a friend on AO3….

I as usual went in a slightly different direction. 

Prompt:  I have found the prompt about the dresses that are driving Oliver mad with longing. 

 1: gold dress (Dodger)
2: red poker dress (finding Walter)
3: grey and orange (when Oliver makes her his EA aka I quit)
4: red peek-a-boob dress (intro to jealous Oliver)
5: pink dress (Moira’s party)

Warning: Explicit for me so you’ve been warned. (Not that the gif wasn’t clear enough…)

Read it here or an AO3 

5 Dresses

“Are they arguing again?” Rene asked when the elevator doors opened to reveal a very frustrated Curtis sitting with his back to the approaching visitor. 

“Mom and Dad as you’ve so cleverly termed them are just talking it out, they’ll be done soon…” he added lowly with a nearly silent exhale, “I hope,” while Rene found a spare chair to put beside his own. 

He tapped at the latest piece of technology slowly with timid fingers. “Is she really going to be his assistant?” Rene asked almost gleefully. 

“She prefers the term Deputy Mayor since Lance has taken a leave of absence but yeah she’s going to fill that role for at least the next two months,” Curtis commented while he pushed Rene’s fingers away from the broken down device. 

Rene leaned back and placed the soles of his tennis shoes along the table. Curtis gave him an annoyed eye roll but continued going through the various burned wires as the other man talked. “So what are they planning to do? I mean the reporter chick is also with Prometheus, the DA is busy carrying on a bromance with John and we’re being used as eyes only recon while Tina continues to train with Dad. I mean how does having blondie act like his right hand man help tie up any of those loose ends?” 

Curtis almost couldn’t believe the man who’d dubbed Oliver and Felicity mom and dad wasn’t able to connect the neon like dots. “He’s trying to get her back stupid,” Curtis laughed quickly. 

Rene’s feet dropped off the table ledge as he came forward with a harsh thud, “He’s what?” he croaked with childlike excitement. 

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Querido amigo

Muitas coisas boas têm acontecido na minha vida. É impressionante como as coisas mudam rapidamente. Estou vivendo um momento high, curtindo tudo o que está acontecendo. Tenho me sentido infinito várias vezes e ainda parece inacreditável. Não sei explicar, os momentos estão acontecendo e estou lá, fazendo parte deles. Mesmo que eu esteja ocupado, não é como se eu não tivesse tempo pra nada, eu tô na verdade usando tempo pra tudo. E amo isso, espero que você me entenda

Com amor, Gus