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24 Février

I’m extremely unwell and I’m hoping that a day inside with my boyfriend will help me feel better.
Lately I’ve been journaling and enjoying the scenes of the city.


BOYEGA WEEK: June 16, 2016

Favorite Non-TFA Role (that could’ve been): Donnie, Da Brick

Pictured: John Boyega, with Director, Spike Lee, and co-star Julito McCullum. Da Brick was to be an HBO series about protagonist, Donnie, loosely based on the youth of the former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson. The pilot was written by John Ridley and was to explore ‘post-racial’ America through the eyes of young Black boxer, Donnie, recently released from juvenile detention in Newark, New Jersey. The pilot was filmed in 2012 but HBO did not pick up the series, thus depriving the world of a shirtless new Boyega project.


So yesterday I was lucky and blessed enough to go to the first soft opening for the public of diagon alley at wwohp and it truly is magical. it trumps hogsmeade imo but being able to hop onto the hogwarts express and head over to hogwarts is honestly one of the most surreal things. i started crying once i walked thru da brick walls and there was 2 much 2 capture so sorry for the lack of pictures. the BUTTERBEER ICE CREAMM WAS AMAZING I DEF REC!!!! its so much bigger than i imagine and i honestly wouldnt change a thing!!!! i loved it so much and i cant wait to go back for the official opening on tuesday!!!! the fishy green ale drink was really good and i basically spent my whole paycheck on merchandise here, no ragrets!


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Today we’re going to talk about open casting calls or as I like to call them, “shit-shows!” Open Calls, are a big part of the business. Sure there’s gonna be hundreds of people there and it’s probably gonna take up majority of your day but good things can come from them. Take, Michelle Rodriguez, for example, she went an open call for a movie called, Girl Fight, now look at her…she recently starred in highest grossing movie ever, Avatar! Then there’s the young star, Joel Courtney. He was the lead boy in J.J. Abrams’ new film Super 8. That’s fucking awesome..going from a complete unknown to starring in a summer blockbuster, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg! I wish!! 

As you can see open calls are pretty important. I, myself, just went to one on Saturday for a new HBO show called, Da Brick. It’s a show from the producer of Entourage and Spike Lee. It loosely follows the youth of boxer, Mike Tyson. It’s sounds great. It would be awesome to get a part on an HBO show. Especially one directed by Spike Lee! It’s supposed to be a mix between Entourage and the Wire…lolol..that’s a pretty crazy ass mix! 

Anyway, the casting was for African American males with some boxing training. (honestly, I have to submit to everything that I see that says Black/African American because of how rare there’s a breakdown specifically for us!) Now, I’m no boxer but I did have a trainer for two months and he trained me with a boxers workout. So that has be good enough…right?!? Well, I thought so anyway and I headed down to Bed Stuy, Brooklyn for the open call. Now mind you, I’ve never been to Bed Stuy, all I know about the place is it’s famous motto, “Bed Stuy! Do or Die!” Yeah. That’s where I had to go. The call started at noon, so I figured I would go early to get to the front of the line. I get there at freakin 9:30 am! Talk about being an over achiever. 

I show up and no one’s there. We were auditioning at some old boxing gym. I wanted outside in the not-so-nice neighborhood. Under the post with the blue flashing light. (the blue lights are normally found in “dangerous” areas to act as a warning to those entering. I think) I’m starting to become bored and it feels awkward sitting on the ground in a place you’ve never been before, so I decided to go for a walk. (stupid ass idea) I walk down the block to witness the police dragging some guy out of a building! They’re dragging him by one arm, down the walkway and threw him onto the hood of the police car. At this moment, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I decided to walk back to the gym and wait. Upon my return, I see four people have no come. (so much for being first)

One dude was a model and said his agent sent him. The other three were kinda just random people. They all were pretty cool dudes. Finally the casting assistant shows up. (i actually met him before in passing at the offices at MTV). The auditioning process was really weird. We were called in five at a time, we had to slate(say our name), say our weight class and shadow-box. Didn’t get to read any lines or anything. I was so ready to improv and make shit happen. Didn’t get the chance..lolol..I was done in 4 minutes.

So now to wait if I hear anything!!