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ich dachte mir gerade spontan ich schick dir einen Hitaka headcanon for no reason whatsoever. hier isser also. Dopheld singt ständig. STÄNDIG. nicht mal schief oder so aber wenn er gute Laune hat kann er die Klappe einfach nicht halten. Vor allem kriegt er Ohrwürmer von besonders furchtbaren space trash Schlagern und trällert die dann trotzdem vor sich hin. *shrug emoji*. und schönen Freitag :'D


Weißt du, ich dachte unlängst mal wieder über eine Episode nach, in der Mitaka entführt wird (weil Hux ihm immer seinen Mantel umhängt und er dann für eine wichtige Person gehalten wird) und Mitaka die Bösewichte aber alle fertig macht, aber DAS HIER, das ist ja NOCH VIEL BESSER!

Er macht sie fertig…


Ein Stern~, der DEINEN Namen trägt~!
“Oh mein Gott, macht das es aufhört!”
“Äh, Boss, kann es sein, dass das eine neue Kampftechnik der Ersten Ordnung ist?”
“Wenn, dann ist es eine äußerst brutale…”

[Sorry, I’m a bit too lazy to translate this… OTL]


Remy - Ratatouille

“My sauce is da boss!!” - Remy


  • Vegetables?
  • Sauce ?


  1. I don’t know how to cook Ratatouille I’m sorry.

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[ENG] Fan: Show some aegyo.
Jay Park: No.
Staff: Do a Sexy aegyo then.
J: There’s no Sexy aegyo…Ah there is!
“You’re too much! You’re too much! TT”
*does Twice’s TT lol* 

Lol looks like he’s becoming a true ahjusshi with all these fanboying over girl groups hahaha….

Jay Park wants to be the President of the World next! Haha i’d definitely vote for him….that’s for sure. xD

In which Jay actually doesn’t drive much lol cos he’s da boss and he’s used to being driven around! Tho thumbs up for the reasons why he prefers to be driven around.. ;)

So he listens to Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller alot while making Everything You Wanted…. 

 And as always, dude can’t seem to remember lyrics to other people’s songs lol. unless it’s girl groups choruses haha

Watch full interview below where he talks about his album, working with Bora, on possibly touring Russia and Europe next year, aegyo talk and more!

Guys I need, and I mean NEED someone to fic Lucy and Alex arriving at a crime scene together on like, Lucy’s bike or something. Because they like worked late and maybe made out a little and they both just look fucking tired (Cause work). Maggie is like who the fuck is that? Why are you letting a civilian onto our crime scene and Alex is like, das my boss and then Lucy jokes about that time she put Alex in handcuffs and Maggie’s brain shortcuts and Alex just kinda goes with it. Cause fucking with Maggie seems like a good idea right now.

I just need a jealous Maggie and Lucy being a little shit and come on someone needs to make that joke about Lucy putting Alex in cuffs.

“Vinny, I feel ridiculous!”
“Shaddup! At least yours is blue!”
“This circular knit is really breathable.”
“Knock if off, Raschel, you’re creepin’ me out.”
“Vinny, you sure Sharky wanted us to wear dese for dis job?“
"Boss says we got’s ta get in on the inside, and dis is the way in. We shoot dis Penney’s catalog ting and den whack the photographer guy when he’s not lookin’.”
“Boy, dose musta been some pics he took of da boss and the commissioner’s wife!"