i made some merribela angels bc it’s 5 am and You Know How It Is

isabela is the angel of smooth sailing, luck, passion, riches, thieves, and freedom. she’s called upon by deceitful pirates and vulnerable girls and women alike. 

merrill is the angel of innocence, identity, mirrors, blood, irresponsibility, and kindness. after too many associations with demons, she is half fallen from grace. nonetheless, she is still called upon by the meek and lost, and the ones whose old ways are dying out.

i might make more?? but anyways i really love angels so this was super fun

Okay but years in the future after the Inquisition has gone down in history

some guy: the inquisitor herself saved my great great grandmother from corypheus’ army the night Haven was destroyed

everybody: :OOOOO

Some other guy: the inquisitor personally found and returned my great grandpa’s lost drufalo once

everybody: shut the fuck up elmer that didn’t happen

“Mother, look! It’s a frog!”
“Oh, yes, dear. It is.”
“Could you change into a frog?”
“I could, If I wanted to change into one, but you already have one and I suppose that is enough.”

I gave myself a liberty to finally finish this picture I started in July and kind of didn’t feel like colouring it. Till now. Finally finished! So happy! <3 It was a great practice! I so wanted to paint something with Skyhold gardens. And lots of plants. Yeah, I started this picture when I bought some plants to my flat and got kind of obsessed.