Since Dragon Age & Mass Effect play in the same Universe (or at least they should), how about abducted!Dorian finding himself stuck in a futuristic world??

~ For Day 2 of LoveDorianWeek, “The Days Before And After” ~

One thing Tresspasser never cleared up for me is why spirits and demons couldn’t explain everything to future generations. Surely some academic mage or historical scholar would wanna interview a spirit of wisdom about the fall of Arlathan.

Come to think of it, somebody should have accounts about the time before the Veil. Dalish elves can remember they used to be immortal, but not that this barrier keeping the Fade back is new? Surely Tevinter would have kept records on this stuff, or there would be something in the dwarven Memories.

What do you guys think?



I totally love this part, because i feel that is kind of the first time Sera open up herself, in a silly and rambling way, like everything she does. 

And my inquisitor is a very sensitive person, so I imagine that she literally fell in love with her in that instant.


Obviously, it wasn’t going to end all clean and pure even if they had wanted to. Also, most of the cookies went burn.