Okay but years in the future after the Inquisition has gone down in history

some guy: the inquisitor herself saved my great great grandmother from corypheus’ army the night Haven was destroyed

everybody: :OOOOO

Some other guy: the inquisitor personally found and returned my great grandpa’s lost drufalo once

everybody: shut the fuck up elmer that didn’t happen

“Mother, look! It’s a frog!”
“Oh, yes, dear. It is.”
“Could you change into a frog?”
“I could, If I wanted to change into one, but you already have one and I suppose that is enough.”

I gave myself a liberty to finally finish this picture I started in July and kind of didn’t feel like colouring it. Till now. Finally finished! So happy! <3 It was a great practice! I so wanted to paint something with Skyhold gardens. And lots of plants. Yeah, I started this picture when I bought some plants to my flat and got kind of obsessed.


I can’t believe that I actually fell for the idiot that is Alistair, and that his humor is so so relatable damn. I thought the rose scene was soo soo sweet, and hilarious.

The images of Willa in a dress is how I imagine she might have been before the events of Dragon Age Origins, just a happy girl with a rose, and a sword.

“She’s got the game wrapped around her little finger…”

Advisor Leliana Tarot Card.
Here’s that piece I was working on! I really enjoyed designing this <3

Text Edit: I put a LOT of symbolism into this, I’m really curious to know what you guys think some of the stuff in this picture symbolizes.