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          he was in awe of the ball, the sheer elegance causing his breath to hitch at the sight, though his attention was quickly pulled from the ball itself to his ‘date’, tianna bulstrode. his lips relaxed into their typical lop-sided grin as a faint heat rose to his cheeks, his focus on the little redhead in front of him as he gestured to her. “ you’re lookin’ amazing, t.

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a lovely korrasami moment, i miss these dorks 

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The presentation of Kylo Ren as a whiny, insecure little shit is brilliant because, frankly, whiny insecure little shits are usually the people who actually do become evil in real life.

Nerds want a Star Wars bad guy to be a stone-cold badass like Darth Vader because this lets them off the hook for self-examination, as nerds are absolutely nothing like Darth Vader. Kylo Ren, however, is a nerd: he acts like one, he has the backstory of one, and when he takes his helmet off, he even looks like one. Far from ruining the film, this actually makes it the most mature entry to date in the Star Wars canon, because it forces the greatest amount of self-examination on the part of its core audience.