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pairing: steve/bucky plot: frenemies on the internet until we meet one day in real life; it's love at first sight

they’re on a replica costuming forum and they never quite get along right (because they have different opinions on methods – steve prefers to make everything himself, yes, even if it takes forty hours to sculpt that armor ‘buchanan, what the hell, not everyone buys their shit off eBay). but they both dig costuming and are mostly civil. mostly.

and then one day they end up going to a con. they’ve had near misses in the past couple of years, but steve has never seen Buchanan face to face. only brief glimpses of his body in tutorials and quick photos to show costume progress.

and then he sees him, and he tries not to be weird. they’re already weird, they’re in costume, but he knows it’s buchanan–he’s seen the photos of his armor over the past couple of months, all the little improvements he’s made on the base he bought. 

the internet is one thing, face to face is another. god, this guy just reads so wrong in text. he’s totally different–better, much better in person.

turns out buchanan’s nickname happens to be bucky, that’s not a wig, that is his hair, and he is definitely up for partying after the last con panel of the night.

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