allow me to explain. 

so we have luke, with his super fucking quiffed hair and his FUCKIGN SMOULDER THATS MELTINGM Y FACE OFF and ofc he had  to wear a buttoned plaid shirt and A MOTHER FUCKING LEATHER JACKETwEFHGSAF



so about that one time i microwaved cum:

i was in the 6th grade and i had this guy friend. we were joking around and i have no fucking clue what we were talking about but somehow we got on the subject of microwaving cum??? anyways he was like “lol what if i put my cum in a cup or something and microwaved it” as you would expect a 6th grade boy to say, and being the horny fuckign weeb i was i was like “lol i would totally do that.” and one thing lead to another and we agreed to microwave cum.

im like?? 2 weeks? a month?? who knows. but after a while he asked me if i still wanted to try it, and i said sure. that weekend we ended up going to his house with another friend of his, and we fuckign microwaved his semen.

ity was in like a plastic ziplock container???? i dont know if he had like?? went home that day like a month ago and just started cumming in a ziplock container??? or if he already had it with cum in it?? i dont fucking know man. nothing much happened tho since we didn’t really microwave it that long we got kinda freaked because it started like?? bubling?? kinda like if u microwave tomato sauce or an egg?? but yeah i microwaved cum.

  • Mowgli's Road
  • Marina and the Diamonds

Here it is, finally! I recently hit 500 followers on this blog, and I have a mini tradition of celebrating that number. So I drew a song comic centered around my muse, Soranort, and its reflected off most of my headcanons and portrayal for him. Don’t take the lyrics too literally its a metaphor like spoons are not literally spoons, or knives…
Thank you so much for 500 followers, enjoy! ♥

i reached 1.5k recently sooo i decided to do a lil follow forever !!!!

first of all!!! friends. friendlings. nerds. all the same

(its all in alphabetical order i dont play Favourites) 

@booronan - courty. courtyney. my soul ante. i love writing w you and i love ur fics!!!! too good. too pure. you’re so cut ei love you even though ur a nerd and said im not Fierce when i am clearly

@deidemia - sammi !!!!! when we arent engaged in Battle i lov u you’re So funny wtf ur gossip Fuels Me and i love that we can talk about Anything???? i would actually fist fight ur crush for u for being Dumb 

@pynch - case u meme so much 2 me. ok no really i love u i love it when u give me music recs u have the best music taste (esp space jam i mean Wow) what an Angel 

czelk tears squad whom i love - @blueseargents @czelk @dreamtyou @noahwhelk @robblives

other mutuals that i lov and admire from afar yall are Wonderful

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me @ myself before doing anything social: u dont have to pretend to know everything abt everything all the time !!! its fine to not know stuff and that way ppl will teach u and ull actually get smarter !!!
literally anyone in any situation: have u heard of this thing
me every single fuckign time: of course

16 chapters, 1 year, 4 months, and 25 days of pain later

*takes out pictures of renzo shima from the trash* “dont ever fuckign do this to me again you asshole *tapes ripped pieces back together* i’ll fuckign bury you in a box full of live bugs if you do” *rubs pictures on face and sobs uncontrollably* you fucking ass wipe i missed you so much god fuck you i love you i can’t wait til u get punched in the face

honestly, tbh, to be honest,,, i feel like nora, sometimes. like, whenever i’m bored and turn back to the extra content and reread the andreil section, my brain is exhausted and like. mentally takes like 20 shots for every minute i continue to drown myself in this hole