fuck i wasted my chance on doing a 69 joke damnit dam ni it fu ck

Anyway, thanks y’all for sticking in I guess? What are you even doin here lol

Should i do something for the 400 followers thing or nah? im kinda confused about what im supposed to do here. I was maybe thinking about an art giveway but like a themed one cuz fuck it. What do you think?

person: josh is such a psychopath so i’m happy he died, what an asshole



I once had the urge to make a shitty photoshop edit of cullen as a farmer and once I gave in, I coudln’t stop. It is completely unrelated to just anything we know about Cullen and there is absolutely no excuse or justification for this mess. I am so sorry. It’s just I feel like he’d be a great farmer, living a happy life on his own little farm okay?


Seems you get to live your life just once
If that’s how its gotta be
Then I’d rather breath in life
Than dusty air