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Did sakura surpass tsunade ? can u give me every proof possible please

In italics are the points showing she surpassed her, the pts not in italics are just extra info.

  • Databook 4 - war arc Sakura surpassed Tsunade in Medical prowess and became the top medic in the village.
  • Sakura- Unlike Tsunade she doesn’t need to waste chakra on looking young. While Tsunade uses chakra constantly to maintain her body, Sakura has her full reserves and a full Yin seal to use. Tsunade doesn’t. Tsunade has more natural reserves and the seals are the same but she wastes chakra on her transformation 24/7. Sakura’s quote also points to Sakura having more chakra  “.. and I don’t have to waste chakra to look younger.” Sakura’s strength without using seal chakra is greater than Tsunade’s without using her seal which proves that Sakura’s punches have more chakra i.e. she has more chakra to access. Neither of them released their seal but Sakura’s strength was greater, how is that? The only logical explanation is that Tsunade’s transformation jutsu takes enough chakra to remove the gap and then some between them in terms of their differences in natural reserves of chakra.
  • Sakura was foreshadowed to surpass Tsunade most notably by Kakashi and Chiyo. Team 7 were foreshadowed to surpass their masters.
  • Sakura’s strength in the war was stated to be possibly greater than Tsunade’s by Hashirama.
  • Sakura’s crater is beyond any strength feat Tsunade has ever shown.
  • Databook 4 as well as the manga shows that Sakura’s chakra control was equal to Tsunade’s as they both reached the pinnacle of chakra control, the yin seal. 
  • Sakura is 38 years younger than Tsunade with no clan buffs. 
  • Sakura mastered evasion taught by Tsunade to the point that she could evade Sasori with no help from chiyo.
  • Tsunade told Sakura that she would inherit the power of a sannin, her power NOT that Sakura would be a weaker version of her.
  • Sakura mastered Shizune’s techniques and surpassed her- DB 4 so logically she has all of Tsunade’s poison knowledge along with whatever extra skills and techniques Shizune may have had that Tsunade didn’t. 
  • Sakura still has her innate talent with genjutsu, dispelling it and potential in that regard. Acc. to Kakashi she has Tsunade’s medical ninjutsu and strength but also her unique genjutsu typing which is indicative of her surpassing Tsunade.

16 year old Sakura was equal to 53 year old Tsunade in chakra control while she was physically stronger, surpassed her and became the top medical ninja and had more chakra to use. 

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That's filler and the statue isn't canon. We never saw Goku kiss Chi Chi in the Manga.

Really? So, what’s your point, Anon? You say this scene from DBS is a logical thing than Goku kissing his wife, right? Let’s see: Goku can touch his wife, having sex with ChiChi, have children, but never kiss her, right? Oh, nice! That makes sense, I guess. 😒

Excuse me, but I’m not the only one upset about it,  also the Japanese fandom are very upset about this silly situation in DBS. Anon, Toriyama’s manga never showed a explicit kiss between couples, neither the anime version of course. OK, maybe Toei tried to make a joke of it, who knows, but it’s not funny at all.😑

P l e a s e .  . . 😤

And let me tell you one thing, Anon: the Gochi fandom shows more love and respect to this beautiful couple than Toei shows right now in this anime. Just like these artworks. 👇👇👇


Toei made a mistake.