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Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D

"Histoire des animaux"

I found an amazing book in a garage sale. Probably from the second half of the 18° century because at some point they talk about something happening in 1754. It’s called “Histoire des animaux” (History of Animals) and there’s really fun things in it.

Just look at the cover, that thing could come straight out of a Myst game.

It describes a lot of different animals and there’s very pretty pictures for each of them. There’s also many strange parts in every description, so I’m going to share some of them with you.

“It’s said that [owls] rush to help other birds of prey, when they see them attacked by a lot of other birds.”

“[The eel] is full of life ; its body, skinned and cut into pieces, still moves for a while, especially around its heart.”

The giraffe is called chameleopard for some reason…?

“[Sea urchins] can have up to two thousand legs. They can walk in every direction.”


“SEA BISHOP - That amphibian aquatic monster is described in a chronic from the Netherlands, saying that in 1433, one captured a fish, in Poland, that had the shape of a man, a mitre on its head and all the clothes of a bishop ; it walked on feet, didn’t avoid touch and really wanted to return to the sea.”


Look, there’s a unicorn too! And “when it is chased by hunters, it falls from a cliff right on top of its horn, that absorbs all the fall, so that it does not get hurt.” :D


Also the next page states that sparrows hunt down pigeons to open their throat and eat the grains inside.

There’s a phoenix too! But the entry says that it probably doesn’t exist since “modern people think it is a myth”. Also that “it lives five hundred years in the desert.”

Also the sphinx “never existed in nature”, you guys. But the sea bishop and the sea monk? “PROBABLY TOTALLY LEGIT” THOUGHT THE GUY WHO WROTE THIS BOOK.

I’m so happy right now.

The king is fed up with losing cargo ships. He decides to hire several boats to figure out why no boats are returning.

  • Another realm.
  • Horrible monsters.
  • Pirates
  • A perfect island that slowly drains your life force.
  • The ocean just stops. Several boats are crashed at the bottom, or stuck in the current before the edge.
Marathon | Roman Reigns |

Smut or Fluff

Warnings: 18+ Smut, overstimulation, horny Roman

Requested: yes by anon | Prompts: Can i get a “marathon sex” imagine with Roman please ? 😏🔥

Roman’s just returned in time for Survivor Series and the adrenaline from his return and the crowd has reminded him of one thing and that’s that he would have returned without your care and comfort. He’s decided to use that energy to repay you, all night long.

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           You’d been going at it for hours. Roman had just returned at Survivor Series for a surprise teammate for Team RAW after reportedly not being able to make it because of how sick he was. He’d worked hard to get back in time and had the winning elimination for RAW. To put it simply, he was on fire, electric almost as he came back through the curtain practically oozing adrenaline. He grasped you by the waist as he past, squeezing your hip tightly and telling everyone he’d see them tomorrow night.

           Roman had never felt so good, felt so alive and he intended on put that energy into you as soon as he got back to the hotel. You’d nursed him back to health, nearly getting sick yourself in the process, but he wouldn’t have gotten back on time if it hadn’t been for you and he needed to make sure that you got credit for that.

           He pulled you into the shower with him as soon as you got inside your spacious hotel room, not even bothering to remove your adorable dress that you’d bought for him to take you to dinner after the PPV. When you tried to remind him of this though, under the warmth of his lips mixed with the water of the shower, “I’m gunna eat you for dinner,” was his only response. He pulled off your soaking dress quickly, and removed his black, tight tee shirt as he picked you up and hastily pressed you to the shower tiles.

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Holis!!! em… este sera mi nueva pagina  mio osea MakiCute el original :v jajaa…. y acá voy agregar un par de comics mas y unos cortos, y vídeos que subiré en youtube y también acá o otros dibujos mas…,me eh creado esto primero porque algunos me decian si me podia crear no se…cualquier pagina para poder contactarme o sino esto lo hice para que me envíen sus dibujitos :3 … asi que por ahora tal vez en un par de días publicare ya algunos comics acá!! soy novata en esto Tumblr mucho no lo conozco igual es la primera vez que me hago una pagina xD así que ojala esto muy pronto sea viral :D!!!!