I know everyone’s like “oh gosh no Perce don’t make more devil deals” but damn he’s just really good at cutting deals. The scenes where he’s negotiating with Pure Evil have always been like the best scenes for dramatic tension and one-liners. god damn Taliesin ”You’re at the bottom of my List” Jaffe


Graduation Day

Kaia never did see Morgan after the Event, not that she would have apologised… she deserved it. 

Anyway graduation day finally came and Kaia and Teddy were ready to move on to the next phase of their lives… what was next? careers? marriage, children? Who knew what the future would hold. Teddy had an interview lined up in San Myshuno to begin his political career, while Kaia was due to start her new job in a week. Aleah and Xavier stayed in Windenberg. Aleah got a job in PR and Xavier as a tech Guru.