I was honestly unable to resist and help myself by commissioning -the ever darling and awesome- @soddingcloudgazer for another piece, this time of my Jharna Ryder with Suvi ;^;!!! Thank you IMMENSELY for this beautiful piece 💙!!!!

Shepard: Are those huge intelligent war machines that have been killing civilizations far more advanced that ours for hundreds of years and that have just attacked us while we were not ready *loads gun* no problem, guys, I got this shit.

Ryder: Ok, ok, we got this *deep breath* it’s ok, we’ve read the manual, this is going to be ok. Just follow the protocol. Ok, let’s see, a new plant, how niceWHY IS IT TRYING TO EAT ME NO GO AWAY *running sounds* LIAM NO SUVI DON’T LICK THAT ROCK *bullets wheezing by* WHY IS THE WATER ON FIRE *crying on the intercome with Kallo* PLEASE SEND HELP