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Hello! I've just sorta realized B.A.P.'s existence, and i want to know them more. But i always mix them up. Do you mind making a brief description of each member?

Hello there! Oh yes, I don’t mind at all! These aren’t perfect descriptions (and other people might have different opinions), but I hope they’re ok for you~

Yongguk: Leader and Rapper
Birthday: March 31 1990
Matoki: Shishimato (Red)
Yongguk’s a very caring and strong leader. In the group he’s responsible for rapping and composing songs. He’s well-known for his many charitable works and love for kids. Some notable characteristics are his deep voice, his tattoos, and his love for tigger. He has a stoic and reflective personality (thinks deeply a lot) but his smile and shy, child-like nature are his most heart-warming charms.

Himchan: Visual Birthday:
April 19 1990
Matoki: Tatsmato (Pink)
Himchan’s often referred to the mother of the group by the members and fans. His many talents range from singing to traditional instruments (best known for the janggu) to emceeing. He’s very sociable and brings life to the group during variety (without him, they’re really an awkward bunch). He loves coffee (Americano), wine, and fashion. He’s a dork, and sometimes harsh, but also critical of himself and very caring of the other members and the fans.

Daehyun: Vocalist
Birthday: June 28 1993
Matoki: Kekemato (White)
Daehyun is the group’s honey vocal, as he’s known for his high notes in many of the group’s songs. Originally nicknamed as Busan Wonbin, he occasionally speaks in satoori here and there. He’s one of the more playful ones of the group, and likes to especially pester the younger members. Along with Himchan, he can be chatty. Among fans, he’s known for his big appetite and love of food. Sometimes he speaks without thinking, but he loves the fans very much. 

Youngjae: Vocalist
Birthday: Jan 24 1994
Matoki: Jokomato (Yellow)
Youngjae is the group’s energetic spirit and he is the huskier vocal that melodically holds together B.A.P songs. He’s the “brains” of the group and often a wisecracker that trolls the other members and especially the fans. His laughter is extremely contagious and he’s best known among fans for his silly faces and reactions. Some of his favorites include R&B music and photograpy. Just like Himchan and Daehyun, he’s another talker and fan of the fans.  

Jongup: Dancer
Birthday: February 6, 1995
Matoki: Dadamato (Green) 
Jongup is mainly in charge of dance, as his breakdancing style highlights the group’s more hip-hop concepts (he does have a great voice too). He is the resident ball of sunshine, as he always puts everyone in a good mood. His many loves include pokemon, hamburgers, chocolate milk, Frozen (particularly Olaf) and Chris Brown. Among the fans he’s best known for his abs and biceps (nicknamed Cheetos). One of the shyer members, his clever ense of humor is his best charm, and he never ceases to remind fans or the group of that.  

Zelo: Rapper
Birthday: Oct 15, 1996
Matoki: Totomato (Blue)
The youngest of the group, Zelo impressed with his famous LTE rap. He is also a talented dancer, and his fluid style compliments their stronger dance styles very well. Despite his age, he’s also the tallest member, at 184 cm, and he’s quite conscious about it. Including rapping and dancing, he skateboards and is often seen carrying one around. He also has a liking for interesting fashions and socks. Another of the shy members, he’s coy when put on the spotlight outside of the stage, but a very playful and curious kid at heart.

Thanks for sending an ask! And I hope your interest in B.A.P grows even stronger!