If you give some dogs enough of an incentive (see bones/treats) then they are able to cook some of the finest gourmet meals in the world. Gordon Ramsay refuses to have dogs on his shows, insisting that the human contestants simply could not compete.

So We Became Warlords (Drug Lords?)

We’re playing a Darksun campaign where every character is chaotic neutral at best, which makes for an absolutely hilarious story because most of the time we’re just going with whatever solution to the problem that we find most humorous or useful at the time. Our DM is amazing at coming up with stuff on the fly, which is good because a full CN party is not going to be good at sticking to story lines!

We just finished killing off a band of slavers in order to save this barkeep and his family who we had just met in the previous town, and in thanks for us saving his family and helping him move to a safer town away from the slavers he gave us his old bar… Which of all things is full of cocaine which he was using to spike his alcohol.

Thri-Kreen Rogue (me): We can use this bar as our guild hall so we can store our stuff and take missions from the surrounding area!

Half Giant Fighter: I’m going to call in some other drug dealers I’ve worked with in the past to make this bar into a drug den.

Everyone else in the party: … … Well, the barkeep was kind of already selling drugs out of here to begin with… It’s not like we’re introducing drugs into a clean town… And he did mention in his history that he was a drug dealer…

Me: Can I work something out with the town guard to beef up the security in this town? Slavers were just walking right in and all.

DM: Okay, you are now the captain of the guard.

Me: Sweet! And we can also sell water out of our … “Drug castle” which is probably worth a lot more than alcohol in a barren wasteland. That and the drugs will improve the economy in our town right?

DM: Yep, the town will improve over time.

Whole Party: … … We kind of just took over the town didn’t we?

DM goes on to describe how the surrounding areas are all ruled by warlords who just happened to be the most powerful and rich people in the area.

Me: We seriously just used drugs and a free bar to become drug lords.

sorry guys last one I’m sorry! @__@;

markiplier can do that weird thing with his feet and it was amusing to me so I decided to draw it real quick ;-;

that’s it for me :’u

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Markiplier©Mark Fischbach
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Happy National U.S. Postage Stamp Day!

Known as “America’s number one stamp collector,” Franklin Roosevelt began collecting stamps as a child. It was a hobby he shared with his mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt, and it was the far-flung business interests of his Delano relatives that provided the young collector with a steady supply of foreign stamps. From his stamps he gained an invaluable knowledge of cultures and of geography.

This hobby persisted with Roosevelt his entire life and he was well-known for his collection. His secretary, Grace Tully, noted that he even traveled with his stamps, which provided him a period of relaxation each day. He had little interest in the value of stamps; rather he enjoyed the study of history and culture that the stamps afforded him.

During his presidency, he approved the production of 134 commemorative and 49 regular postage stamps. In fact, his last official act was the purchase of a stamp, which he had recently approved, commemorating the United Nations Conference (see: http://fdr.blogs.archives.gov/2012/04/12/found-in-the-archives-31/).

At the time of his death, his collection of stamps numbered over 1,200,000 stamps bound in 150 albums, each filled with his handwritten notations. Most were sold at auction. Those he received as gifts from Heads-of-State and foreign governments were kept in the museum collection at the Roosevelt Library.

Seen here are a number of those items as well as the tools Roosevelt used with his stamp collection.

For more information: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/exhibit/around-the-world-with-the-roosevelts/4ALi8vqdaWVrIQ?projectId=historic-moments&position=69%3A0


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