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Whedon thinks he has to kill off a main character to make the audience connect emotionally to the film. He overuses this trope so much, that it entirely lost it's intended shock value. He seems to fail to understand that there are things worse than death. I mean, look at CATWS - the most gut wrenching film in the MCU and no one dies there. On the other hand I couldn't care less about most of the new characters in AOU. I even predicted that it would be Pietro who dies. Main characters were (1/3)

killed off by other filmmakers since Buffy, it’s not as new and innovative as he seems to think. Instead of killing off Pietro, he could have made it so Clint looses his hearing. He could have even made it look at first as if Clint was dead. It would be as emotionally crushing to Natasha as it was to Wanda. But then him waking up in the hospital and doctors telling him, avengers and his family that he lost his hearing. That’s how we could have got canonically deaf Clint and living Pietro. And the film still would have had the “real world consequences” effect that he really wanted to add, without the senseless death. P.S. I’m sorry for the long rant, but remembering Pietro and what happened to him (killed off for the shock value!) makes me a bit angry. 

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  • *at a crime scene*
  • Sherlock:*examining body* Severe head wound, missing phone so he wasn't alone - I'm getting married - clearly intoxicated, most likely engaged in-
  • John:*writing fast* Hang on, what was that bit in the middle?
  • Sherlock:*frowns* Either he dropped his phone or it was taken. Possibly from the woman he was with. Find the phone, find his killer.
  • John:*rolls his eyes* No...the married bit.
  • Sherlock:*casually* Oh. Molly and I. We're getting married.
  • John:*raises an eyebrow* You've asked her?
  • Sherlock:*not listening* A Wednesday, probably. She'll need a week off for the honeymoon.
  • John:Have you actually asked her?
  • Sherlock:*frowns* No. Why? Would she say 'no'?
  • John:*confused* Well...you're not even dating.
  • Sherlock:So?
  • John:*incredulous* So? Where do you think she is right now?
  • Sherlock:*blinks* The lab.
  • John:*sighs* She's on a date.
  • Sherlock:*stands; furious* Where?
  • John:*looks down at the body* I don't know.
  • Sherlock:*smiles* Angelo's *strolling away*
  • John:*rubbing his forehead* Don't, don't do it...
  • Sherlock:She's my fiancee, John *turns his collar up* It's about time I made it official.