Hey guys!! 

I’ve recently hit a follower milestone of 2,000 followers and I’m so amazed and grateful holy shit.  You’re all amazing and ILY all so much ahhhhhhh idk why you guys even follow me and deal with my shit but THANK YOU all so much for following me I still can’t believe this tbh 

You’ve all been wonderful and really really nice and I appreciate all of you + everything that you guys do. Thank you guys for following me/reblogging my stuff/messaging me/sending me asks etc. It really makes my day a lot of the time ok you guys make me so happy you have no idea; YOU’RE ALL CUTIES WHO MEAN MEME THE WORLD TO ME

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That said, here’s a list of my favourite blogs + pals who’ve been exceptional and amazing and are just generally really great blogs/people who I recommend that you all follow!!

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Don’t have enough disposable income to buy a wyrmwood dice box/vault (yet) so I went to a craft store and got stuff to make my own temporary ones!

Seeing how small my dice in that box look makes me realize… I need more dice (not really I just hoard them like a dragon woops)