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i “remade” my underrated kpop playlist because of 8tracks changing policies. i really do love that playlist a lot, and so do other people! here i will be updating it. this features more underrated songs and groups. im also trying to include more girl groups because i realized my 8tracks playlist doesnt include a lot of them!

if you want to suggest a song, please send me an ask!

HEY, HOT LIPS ( “look, i act all super confident and like a total sexy babe and everything but underneath…i gotta be honest, i’m really kinda insecure.” ) — a fanmix for my fav sexually liberated female.

i. hey hey hey - stephaniesĭd, ii. homecoming queen - nordista freeze, iii. cabin fever - lily and madeleine, iv. tracks in the snow -the civil wars, v. fireplace - lost in the trees, vi. sex on fire - kings of leon, vii. elevator - the black keys, viii. six underground - sneaker pimps, ix. through the mines - stars, x. wendigo - marah in the mainsail, xi. no rest for the wicked - lykke li

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50, "close the door" by shinee, j-hope

the playlist - drabbles [ link to main post: <3 ]

Your song, number 50, was Blanket Kick by BTS. Enjoy!

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a babbling mess – j-hope x you

word count: 248

When he saw your nose scrunch up in confusion, he realized that he must’ve said something weird again.

Feeling anxious, Hoseok replayed the words he had just said in his head and remembered: “I really like your feet!”  

Oh. God.

His eyes widened as his cheeks flushed a blazing red, the color spreading to the tips of his ears and the base of his neck. His mouth opened and closed before finally stuttering: “That’s not what I meant! I meant to say that I really like your feet shoes. Wait, no, I really like your shoes. Shoes.”

Feeling completely humiliated, Hoseok dropped his gaze. He almost felt the urge to cry. Although he knew he was silly daily, he became absolutely foolish and incoherent in front of you.

Before you could say anything about his strange compliment, he took off in the other direction. Climbing up the stairs two at a time, he quickly locked the dorm door behind him and escaped to his room. Quickly pulling off his jacket, Hoseok slipped into his bed.

He lifted a hand to his face to feel his still hot cheeks. Letting out a little frustrated yell under the blankets, he kicked around, trying to let out his embarrassment. Why did he always turn into a babbling mess in front of you?

Why couldn’t he be a man for once?

Why couldn’t things just work out for him?

And why the heck couldn’t he just say the words “I like you”?

~ Jexo/Jade

I hope you all wanted indie folk hannigram because that’s what this is!

[listen here]

Come Away To The Water - Glen Hansard / What’s The Matter - Milo Greene / Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars / Civilian - Wye Oak / Big Dark Love - Murder By Death / Drawn To The Blood - Sufjan Stevens / Smother - Daughter / Coming Home, Pt. II - Skylar Grey

Scream Queens Playlist 9.2.2015

I’m Not Done - Fever Ray

Windexx’d - Metal Mother

Say Anything - Silver Shadows

Moonz - Nasty Dilemma

Street Heat - Wizard Apprentice

Permanent - TRNSGNDR/VHS

Assata Shakur Is Welcome Here - Moor Mother Goddess

Red - Divide and Dissolve

Ccut Up - Duchess Says

367 Equalizer - Guerilla Toss

Pigsmart - Commiserations

President Garfield’s Spaghetti Intestines - Ursula

My Superhuman Power Would Be Invisibility - Dark Lion

Definitely  Nothing - Henry’s Dress

Wide Eyed - Siamese Twins 

Secretos - BOAN 

fUN - UN

Shaky Leg - Marie Davidson

Made You - Roover Hook

Anatomy Of Guides - Stacian

Salt - Virusse 

Fair Warning - Cat 500


A quote from the night was “Cis ‘allies’ need to stop organizing for trans people”— it seems like punk world has to finally snap into it now that G.L.O.S.S. is a thing. No more loose/vague politics about safety, this shit is real and intense and now that their tour is coming up i’m having major lol moments over how bent people get when they have to deal with or think about transphobia in their towns/scenes/show spaces, especially when they normally never have to. Not that it’s funny, but I was FB peeking on a show G.L.O.S.S. was booked for in Georgia where some terrible man band on the bill had this offensive song about a cross-dresser or something, and when confronted about it, the main dude went off about how good of an ally he was and how sensitive everyone else is and that the song was just a joke and how they all have trans friends. THE WORLD IS EMBARRASSING. THE WORLD IS GROSS. THE WORLD NEEDS TO BURN BUT THEY HAVE TO BURN FIRST BECAUSE I WANT TO LAUGH BEFORE I DIE. 

Herman Burton
1600 Walters Mill Rd.
Somerset, PA 15510

This is Niara, who won’t typically be classified as a political prisoner by your average anarchy bro, but to the rest of us, especially qtpoc, sex workers, and survivors, we understand her to be a prisoner of war. She is currently incarcerated for having kill her john in self-defense. Through her letter that we read on air this past wednesday, we learned of her struggles growing up impoverished, trans identity formation, and how she engaged in survival sex to get by. She went into detail about her shitty treatment by the police, prison staff, and other case officials who wanted nothing else but to enforce her demise, her erasure from this world and her agony in prison. She talked about her current legal status and how she needs us out here to organize on behalf of her defense. She’s being a held in a men’s prison, which makes her situation even more terrible. Right now, she could use all of the support she can get. Of course what really needs to happen and what we truly want is for all prisons to burn, for her to be out. We talked about how prisoner support in terms of letters or funding commissary may be considered band-aid work, but while these structures stand and Niara is suffering in prison, we need to understand that just a single letter can really help her at least deal with this shitty position she’s in.  https://freeniara.wordpress.com/ for more information.


At the end of the show, we did sort of a round-table discussion of two ‘asks’ that we got in our inbox the last few months. Maybe one of your questions got answered? I wrote my own detailed responses to the questions, that will appear under the link cut below. Right now SQ comrade Rola is working on turning all the shows in Podcasts so hopefully in the future y’all will hear what everyone had to say.

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this is my year{listen}

songs for getting better

this is my year-family force 5
heroes(we could be)-alesso
weightless-all time low
titanium-david guetta ft. sia
dream catcher-set it off
free now-sleeping with sirens
the fighter-gym class heroes ft. ryan tedder
sing-my chemical romance
sure as hell-tonight alive
tomorrow-set it off
high hopes-kodaline
at my worst-get scared
youre not alone-of mice and men
famous last words-my chemical romance
kids in the dark-all time low
the strays-sleeping with sirens
what are you so scared of?-tonight alive

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Playlist to twerk to?

This one is near and dear to my heart. Ya’ll know the booty game too strong but you ain’t never seen the twerk action!

Baby Bash – Cyclone

Big Sean – Dance

B.O.B. – Headband

Bubba Sparxxx – Miss New Booty

David Banner – Play

Edubb – Rain Boots and a Thong

Flo Rida – GDFR

Jeremih – Down on Me

Juicy J – Bands A Make Her Dance

Juvenile – Back that Ass Up

Lil Jon – Get Low

Ludacris – How Low

Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass

Petey Pablo – Vibrate

Three 6 Mafia – Ass and Titties

Too Short – Shake That Monkey

T-Pain – Up Down

Ying Yang Twins – Salt Shaker

Captivated: Songs for Will Graham in his search for Hannibal

Skin Graph \ Silversun Pickups
A Forest \ The Cure
Where I End and You Begin \ Radiohead
Cannibal \ Silversun Pickups
How \ The Neighbourhood
Knives Out \ Radiohead
I Can Barely Breathe \ Manchester Orchestra
At the Bottom \ Brand New

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