ASIA Meet The First Filipino-American Woman to Win Two Olympic Gold Medals

An athlete of extraordinary prowess, Filipino-American Victoria Manalo Draves carried only one flag at the 1948 Olympics, but she brought pride to two nations.

While undeniably skillful. Draves did not start early in sports. She only began diving at age 16 while in high school. According to the New York Times, her interest in the sport grew and she eventually tried to train at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel Swimming and Diving Club. She was unfortunately rejected, allegedly, because of her Filipino name.


Happy birthday to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary! 

Designated as a national marine sanctuary 26 years ago today, this ocean gem is home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef, mangrove islands, and extensive seagrass beds that support manatees and more. Join us in wishing Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary a very happy birthday!


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