Rainbow over pine trees at sunset. by Justin Mullet
Via Flickr:
Rainbow over pine trees at sunset in Idaho.

Today a PHOTO of mine reached 3000 likes for the first time. That’s a lot, and i’m pretty happy about it.

It’s also very satisfying that it’s a cow, and not a cat, because cat’s usually always ‘win’.

I’m sure the title played a large part in it’s ‘success’. All the more reason to keep trying to come up with good titles/captions.

So i want to thank everybody for the ongoing support, likes, reblogs and sweet comments and messages. Despite the fact that some people think it has become a lot quieter here (and maybe it has), it’s still a very great community of which i’m a very content member :-)

HERE is a, far from complete, and not up to date, list of all the blogs i’m extra grateful to.