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Storyline : In 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.


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Genos is the big spoon so he can keep Saitama warm

Awww ♥

~*getting ready for bed*~

Genos: “I should be the ‘big spoon’, Sensei, that way I can cover more of your body to keep you warm at night while the heat is turned down!”

Saitama: “…??? I… I didn’t ask Genos. I figured we’d just do whatever since I don’t really mind either way…”

Genos: “Also my body is over 90% metal so I am the closest one to literally being a spoon-”

Saitama: “Okay, Genos.”

Genos: “Also I am taller than you, so I am quite literally the ‘bigger’ spoon between the two of us, even if you don’t count my hair, which I didn’t, but if you did count it then I’d be-”


i’m making another post about this because the other one wasn’t clear about my situation 

i was stopped by the police and they took my car

i haven’t paid the license and the taxes because they are expensive and i don’t have the money to pay for them because i’m paying for college :(

the police officer told me i’m gonna have to pay R$ 80,00 per day for holding the car (that’s 20 USD, i know, it doesn’t look that bad, but it is for me, because i don’t have 80 Reais :/) 

the thing is, i need the car… i use it on a daily basis, i live in a small city and i have to drive to another city to buy stuff 

so i added a paypal button to my blog description in case anyone wants to help <3

if you donate 1 dollar, that’s R$ 4,00 here and it will HELP ME A LOT 

thank you <3

(here’s the link if you’re on mobile and can’t see it on my blog description)

thank you <3

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