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Alec we think he's in the rain staring angstily out over the cliffs but he's really just in the shower staring at the wall Hardy.

He’d known the cheap rent of the place had to have some catch…

Rose leant against the doorframe, watching the Doctor as he fixed his hair into a less spiky style than usual, taking in what had started out as a tame (and rather attractive, if she may say so) stubble from his latest field trip and had surprisingly been allowed to grow into a proper, full beard. The red shirt he was wearing was different from his usual choice of colours, too, but for some reason still seemed oddly familiar.

“Not that I really mind, but is there any particular reason for the sudden change in styling…?”

The Doctor’s eyes met hers in the mirror, while his fingers continued expertly tousling strands of hair into a certain look.

“Well, Tony told his mates he’s going to introduce his cool sort-of-brother-in-law to class for a cool presentation, didn’t he?”

The blonde couldn’t help smiling at the obvious care he showed for her little brother, feeling warmed by how much making Tony happy seemed to mean to him.

“Aren’t you putting a little too much thought into that comment, Doctor? It’s just a school presentation… Besides, I should think having a proper, renowned scientist showing off a flashy experiment should be plenty cool, yeah?”

The part Time Lord shrugged a nonchalant shoulder in reply, but Rose could see the hint of a blush colouring the tips of his ears.

As she continued watching him fix his hair, taking a more appreciative look at his appearance (and the tight jeans he was wearing), she suddenly realised why the new look seemed familiar.

“Wait - have you been checking out the fashion section in Mum’s magazines?”

A beat of silence.



The high tone his voice had taken, paired with the sheepish look on his face (and the definitely pink-tipped ears now), were enough to spur her into a fit of giggles.

Once she’d calmed down enough, she soothed the Doctor’s flustered indignation at her reaction with a soft kiss, letting him know that she appreciated his caring.

Even if it was rather amusing.

Dedicated to @littlewhomouse (she’ll know why ;) ) and @tardisfangurl, whose initial suggestion of putting bearded!DT into a checked flannel shirt (which then turned into Hipster!Tentoo trying to be *cool*) sparked the random silliness x)

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Anni, you need to draw the new lumberjack!David to complete the set. Collect them all!

…I don’t even know what this turned into.

  • The TARDIS doesn't fizzle!
  • Ten, Donna
  • Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 01

Okay, I just finished listening to Technophobia from the Tenth Doctor Adventures, and simply had to share the Doctor’s glorious interpretation of the wheezing, groaning sound of the TARDIS’ ancient engines…

Open Roleplay

Danny sighed as he let his legs hang off the edge of the roof, a  soda bottle in one hand as he watched people out in the streets going about their business. It was to busy for his tastes so he decided to sit up there until the streets became less crowded. 

Not only that, he’s been practicing some of his abilities throughout the evening and he had just finished up an hour or so ago. It was more exhausting than he had thought it was going to be, but at the same time it seemed to came easily to him. His only problem was keeping them under control, using his powers wasn’t the problem.

Suddenly his hand became intangible and his bottle fell down into the street and he swore under his breath, praying it didn’t hit anyone.