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To all y'all liberal kids that are getting icky feelings about punching Nazis and other forms of violent protest:

Voldemort was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Darth Vader was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Jeanine Matthews and the Eurydice faction were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

President Snow and the government of Panem were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

The Homeworld Gems were stopped from destroying Earth by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

I mean damn. One Piece, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, we can stretch it and say The Silmarillion, Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia, Animorphs, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron, I could probably name more if I had time, all this has in common is that the bad dudes with power WILL NOT GIVE THEIR POWER UP. EVER. It had to be TAKEN from them.

If y'all can understand this and relate to fictional characters, why can’t you do this to your fellow humans in real life?? Y'all are supporting the Death Eaters, the Empire, the bad guys you say you hate. Get your priorities in order. Get over that “Non-violence” bullshit.

I never saw Princess Leia shake hands with the Sith.

  • Me, an intellectual: I should really stop obsessing over fictional people that don't actually exist outside the scope of my tv and book pages and I should focus on reality and getting my life together.
  • Also me: No you shouldn't
  • Me: Tru, you right

When you’re so obsessed with something like a book or TV show and you love and ship the characters and you love the cast and you know so much about them. Then that feeling when you realise you’re slipping away from the fandom, when you loose interest even though you don’t want to, that feeling after a few months or years looking back in the fandom and missing it because the cast/characters were like your friends and the fandom was amazing and everything about it was great and just wow, you miss it so much.


Eric x Reader

Requested by Anon

Eric could hear the boys that you’d been working with that morning. You were quick, effective and deadly which was why you had risen to the position of an instructor, unfortunately you were a little younger than Eric which meant the newer Initiates liked to hit on you.

“You two move along.” He grumbled his face remaining cold when you hurried into view.

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he had been standing next to the treadmill for a minute or two before you acknowledged him. “yes Eric?”

“you run like a girl.” he stated.

“if you ran faster, you could too.” you said, putting your ear buds back in. the next morning when you got to the treadmills Eric was waiting for you. “what are you doing here?” you asked.

“learning to run like a girl.”


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The first act of Divergent centers around Katniss Potter’s angst about her upcoming aptitude test and Sorting, wait, sorry … Choosing Ceremony. Because in this dystopian society, everything from your neighborhood to your career is determined by your personality type, or “Faction.” Members of the “Abnegation” Faction are selfless and incorruptible, making them best suited for leadership positions. “Candor” is known for honesty, so they run law and criminal justice. “Dauntless” is the faction for military service and security – they’re mostly train-hopping sociopaths with badass tattoos. It’s basically a dystopian story about teenagers, mood rings, and high school-caliber cliques. Obviously, it was a monstrous success.

In order to determine each citizen’s Faction, the government conducts an annual, state-sponsored drug trip for teenagers. Once a year, every 16-year-old is rounded up, dosed with a psychedelic techno-potion, and observed by an administrator as they battle their way through an action-packed hallucination. You know how some inventions are actually based on science fiction tropes, like the Star Trek communicator predicting the cellphone? We’d like “mandatory high school ball trippin’” to be next, please.

Not only does the government expend a massive amount of time and money for these individual administrators to babysit tripping teenagers, the whole test is more of a suggestion than a rule. While the drug sequence is designed to reveal someone’s natural Faction, anyone can pick whatever group they want, for whatever reason, regardless of how they scored. It’s as if the government just made way too much LSD and were trying to find the most hilarious way to get rid of it.

Hollywood Has No Idea How To Get A Dystopian Future Right

Crumbling Facade

pairing: Eric x Reader

fandom: divergent

request:  Could you write an oneshot with Jai Courtney OR Eric (divergent) where Jai/Eric is jealous and the reader calms him down and then much fluff? *.* ♡

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To most people in the room Eric would have looked like he always did. Angry, annoyed with a hint of his sadistic nature underneath. All of it was true of course but right now he was furious.

You could see it in the way that his head shifted, just slightly to the side his eyes intently fixed on you. There was a whole storm raging behind his eyes, one that he could very good. It wasn’t easy to break through this facade but right now it was slowly crumbling.

“…right? What do you think?”


“Think that is a good idea?”

You hadn’t listened at all while you were looking at Eric on the other table. No clue what he had just said but he obviously wanted an answer.

“You know what Mark, I think that’s an excellent idea.”

The poor guy didn’t even try to flirt with you, all he wanted was some training advice. He was probably unaware that Eric was plotting his murder right at this moment. It was definitely time to put an end to that. No murders on your watch.

“Will you excuse me for a bit?”

“Yeah, yeah sure thanks for the help!”

You walk over to Eric, sit down in his lap without a word and put your hands behind his back. He raises his eyebrow, giving you a doubtful look but shifts a little to the side to give you more room and puts his hands on your hips.

“Someone’s jealous.” You smirk at him, feeling how his hands grab your hips tighter.

“I have absolutely no reason to be jealous.”

“Really? Then tell me you were not just thinking of breaking his arm.”

“No.” A quick look at the other table before he turns to you again, “His legs.”

“Oh come on Eric, leave the poor guy alone he’s a real sweetheart.”

“You know…” Eric stands up with his hands holding you in place. You wrap your legs around him and hold onto him tighter, “…sweet guys don’t last here very long.”


“But.” Throwing you up in the air a bit, he grabs your waist and puts you over his shoulder to carry you out, “Maybe you can sway my resolve to kick his ass a bit, if you’re being extremely nice and all.”