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Took a break from working on my show to paint something totally frivolous. It was supposed to be a sketch but I might’ve gotten a little carried away…. I was inspired by classical paintings and tried to get a depth-of-field thing going. Print will probably be up at my S6 later!

so after Castiel crashed the car, when he wakes up, and gets out of the car,

and he makes all these little noises like grunts and groans in pain

and he’s just never made those noises before

because he’s never really been hurt before

and I just cANT DEAL WITH IT



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Celebornion// *crawls into newly-returned-to-aman Galadriel's lap and chews on a lock of her hair* (I'm sorry it's too late I already did the thing)

         ( @celebornion )

         Galadriel started at the touch of small hands, her white fingers shaking as she reached for the infant. Fingers brushed against delicate silver fuzz as she cradled his small head, lifting him to rest against a slim shoulder while she held him close. The elleth inhaled the scent of him and tears welled in her blue eyes, her voice breaking as she whispered his name; still so in shock that he was really there with her at all.


         The reunion of mother and son was bitter-sweet, if only because of the knowledge that Celeborn was not there; that he would not see his son grow, missing a part of his life as he had their daughter’s. Could the Valar not allowed them to share this one thing? But she quickly shook the unbidden thought away. it would not do to criticize those who had returned him to her in the first place- an act that she had never dared to hope for during her long years in Middle Earth. This was a blessing from the Valar, given to a woman that had so brazenly defied them in her youth. She could do nothing but be grateful for their apparent forgiveness.

         ❛❛Gi melin, pen tithen.❜❜

         In truth, It had not been long at all since she had returned home, and the effects of Nenya’s fading still lingered; her mind and body not quite returned to what they had once been. And even with her parents and brothers promising to aid her, she felt woefully unprepared for raising another child on her own. Celebrian had, at least, been nearly out of childhood when they had fled Ost-in-Edhil. But now she was expected to care for their lost son, without her husband.