Losers Club/Bowers Gang D&D headcanons

As inspired by this post

  • Eddie’s a rogue. He has two item storage bins to compensate for his low stats. His character takes a critical blow at one point that should’ve been fatal, but he’s got so many potions that he gets brought back to life with nothing but a broken arm. Lawful neutral.
  • Stan’s a wizard. He’s very anxious when they play and takes it too seriously. Lawful neutral.
  • Bill’s the group leader and a ranger. He often gets distracted, since Georgie always wants him to explain what’s going on in the game. Neutral good.
  • Richie is a bard and basically the worst. He goes out of his way to be epic and memorable, and he has difficulty shutting up when it’s not his turn. Chaotic neutral.
  • Beverly has played so much sci-fi d&d that she really loves a basic 80s d&d as a Fighter. Chaotic good.
  • Mike doesn’t know much about d&d, but he’s a still a really good druid. When he doesn’t understand what’s going on, he nods pensively. True neutral.
  • Ben’s the dungeon master and plays as a paladin. He’s got at least twelve guides on how to play d&d stacked up on the edge of the table. Lawful good.
  • Henry is a barbarian and the most competitive. He gets caught up in trying to be angsty and forgets what to do. Neutral evil.
  • Belch is a barbarian and really doesn’t know a thing about d&d, he just does whatever Henry tells him to do. Lawful evil.
  • Patrick is the number one warlock and does friendly fire. He’s more interested in trying to kill off other characters than attacking the main enemy. Chaotic evil.
  • “So, Patrick the monster is right in front of you, it hasn’t noticed you yet. You and Eddie walk slowly towards it. What do you do?”
  • Vic is actually really really good as a rogue, he’s always leaning over and whispering ideas to Henry. He doesn’t really do anything for his own benefit, he just does what’s best for Henry without killing off anyone. True neutral.
  • Sometimes, Richie gets this glazed look in his eyes and starts to ramble away flipping the board upside down and the number eleven and demogorgons. He never remembers it afterwards, but it’s alright, because no one really was listening anyways.
  • About halfway through, Beverly’s texting some dude, and Ben gets frustrated.
  • “Beverly, if you’re not gonna pay attention you don’t get to play”
  • “mkay”
  • *rolls dice* “ur in ded-lites now”
  • Sometimes Ben gets sleepy so he gives up on being creative.
  • “And then it does this dance and…uh…the only way to escape the dance is true love’s kiss”
  • “Ben wtf”
  • Bill does sketches of the characters and everything. Beverly complains about the haircut he drew on her, so he just erases the lower half of her hair.
  • No one knows who, but someone wrote ‘loser’ on the sketch of Eddie’s cast in black sharpie. Eddie finds a red sharpie and changes it to loVer.