The Road to the Glen par Mark Littlejohn
Via Flickr :
One from before dawn yesterday morning. It was an early start again - 2.30am so I could get up to young Billy Curries before 5 which would then give us enough time to get up to a nice viewpoint overlooking Buachille Etive Mor before dawn. I actually have a shot from up there that I’m happy with but Billy hadn’t due to dodgy conditions on previous visits. I’d have been far happier with some ground level shots of snowy trees I’d actually been up to Striding Edge and Helvellyn for dawn on Boxing Day without getting anything I liked but I figured another wee bit of post Christmas exercise wouldn’t do any harm. Once I was up there I was struck by how nice the pre-dawn light was. Normally I try and avoid getting the road in the shot but I was surprised by how well it stood out and by the rather elegant curve as the road disappears off towards the Three Sisters. This was shot with the D800 and the Sigma 35 ART which is pretty much a go to combination for me at the moment. It was then cropped to a 5:4 with just the top taken off. The dawn colours (when they came) were beautiful but I’m not really fussed by riotous colour at the moment. Subtle tones seem to be more agreeable for some reason. A few of the guys were doing Angle Tarn for dawn this morning but I was late getting home and then had to wait up for my daughter at a party so I was a touch tired. Managed to force myself out of bed at 7am as it was frosty but the whole thing was a bit of a struggle. Age is a dreadful thing

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