- Half-minute staring contest with Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta, known in this game as “Super Baby;” Dragon Ball GT Final Bout (Bandai)

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Calm Nights

 Update of Where the Trees Grow, hopefully tomorrow. Please enjoy this short drabble in the meantime.

Mark must have had a death wish. That was the only possible answer as to why he was doing this. That or he was just plain crazy, out of his mind. Maybe the loneliness was finally starting to get to him. Whatever the reason was, he found himself out in the open, in perfect view of the human. By choice.

He watched as the human slept on from his place on the nightstand. The steady rise and fall of the green haired man’s chest almost hypnotizing. The tiny wouldn’t deny that the human terrified him. He was big and loud and way too energized for Mark’s own good. Mark didn’t even want to think about what he would do with a tiny.

But, like this, when the human was sleeping and calm, it was different. Mark almost felt safe with him like this. It was like his fear was pushed aside for a moment. Not to say he still wasn’t scared, the human could wake up at any time after all, but the calmness that Jack was feeling in his sleep washed over Mark as well. It was nice.

After watching Jack like this for the past week or so, Mark had found out that Jack was pretty still when he slept. A huge contrast to when he was awake. The tiny would have assumed he would be fidgety, always tossing and turning. But nope, he probably saved all of that for when he was awake.

Jack let out a heavier breath than the rest and his chest hiccuped slightly. Mark stood, taking that as his cue to leave. The human wasn’t awake yet, but the process had started. He walked over to the lamps cord and took it in his hands. He sent one last glance towards the human before climbing down. Out of sight once again.


Signe came out to have a good time and she was honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Fans coming up to Sean while they were out on a date was nothing new. Fans insisting that she was getting in the way of Septiplier were becoming a rare occurrence.

Fans that apparently had access to shrinking potions, on the other hand…

She glared from the ground up to the person who had shrunk her. They reached down and swiped Signe up in a tight fist.

Oddly enough, Signe wasn’t scared- just angry. “Undo this!” She shouted.

“Mmmmm… Nah.” The fan said, their eyes narrowing. “You’re in the way.”

“Let me go, then! Sean’s gonna be pissed when he finds out what you did!” Signe tried.

“You sound so sure. But look at you! You’re so helpless and fragile like this. Jack’s not gonna find you. But hey, if you’re so sure…” They knelt down and dropped Signe to the ground. “Go find him.”

Signe ran. No one noticed her, even as she started screaming for her boyfriend. He hadn’t left without her, had he?

After a few times where she had nearly been stepped on, she crawled into an old Starbucks cup and watched the people go by. Once or twice she heard Sean calling her name, but she couldn’t see him, and she doubted he could see her.

After a few minutes though, a hand scooped her up. Their grip was gentle, but Signe couldn’t see their face before they stuffed her under their jacket. “You’ll be okay. You’re okay, I promise. Oh my god, who did this to you?”

She didn’t know if it was Sean or not. The voice was way too loud to be recognizable, in any case. She just leaned against the gentle heat of the giant’s body and hoped it was who she needed it to be. Eventually, exhaustion and fear caught up and she passed out.


Anti plodded along silently to his hosts’ apartment. Sean followed him, feeling as if the world was crashing down on him. He’d asked for Anti to find Signe, fearing the worst. Anti had found something, scooped it up in his hands, and hid it under his jacket. He refused to let Sean see. Was that all that was left? What had happened to her?

Anti was shocked. He was trying to grow Signe back, but whatever magic he had was too weak to do anything. Sean was freaking out, which only made him stronger. He had that going for him, at least.

Both stepped into their apartment silently, and Anti felt Signe stirring. He gently brought her out from under his coat and placed her on the dining room table. “You’re okay, little thing. I promise. I’ll let Sean see you now, you must be so scared…”

Sean’s vision went black suddenly. When he regained it, he had to take a moment to truly understand what he was looking at.

Signe was tiny, maybe two inches tall. She seemed groggy and was staring up at him in… awe? Fear? She looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Hey, no, don’t be afraid. It’s just me, it’s just Sean. Shh… it’s okay, you’re okay. We’re home, Signe. Nothing’s gonna get ya here.” He placed his hands on the table to keep her from backing up too far and falling off. “You’re completely safe here. Tell me what happened?”

Signe nodded shakily. “Those girls from the movie theater did it. I think they sneaked a potion into my food? And then one of them took me away from you, but she let me go and-” A sob choked out around the words. “I was so scared, Sean!”

“Oh…” Sean breathed. He hovered his hand close to her, then gently put his thumbnail against her cheek to wipe away her tiny tears. “Oh my god, that’s awful!”

She sobbed again. “I’m still scared! You’re so big, and I’m nothing! You could hurt me and not even notice until it’s too late!”

Sean lifted her up in his gentle hands and pressed her close to his big face. “You have every right to be scared of me, but you’re not nothing.”

Signe registered that this was a hug. She traced a few shapes onto his cheek. “I- okay.” Sean smiled. Signe could feel every muscle twitching under his skin.

“Aw, I love you.” He took her away from his face. “You’re so cute!” He ruffled her hair with one finger, then snuggled her to his chest. “I wish I could hug ya properly though.”

Signe realized that he was holding her directly over the pocket of his shirt, which was right over his heart. She gripped the edge and hauled herself into the pocket, then curled up against him.

“I’ll hug you back when this wears off. Could I just… lay here? I’m trying to process everything.” Signe whispered.

“Of course you can. I’ll go get the laptop and answer fan comments. And of course, I’ll tell your fans what happened.” he said. The vibrations of his voice thrummed through his chest into her, calming her immediately.

They sat in silence on the couch, until Sean decided he was ready to sleep. He checked on Signe in his pocket and found that she was asleep.

He placed Signe on his pillow and laid down next to her, gently placing his hand over her. “Goodnight, Woosher. I’m right here if you need me.”

He fell asleep with a small smile on his face.

Hey friends thanks for reassuring me and whatnot on the sona idea. You’re all so kind and I appreciate it a ton. I probably won’t have anything designed tonight but I’m definitely gonna make that new sona and I’ll post them when I can :) thank you again so much!!