Key Club Fally Rally was AMAZING :) We started off small in the beginning, saw the monsters and the grizzly’s spirit battle each other. then we went in and went to the stands and our division slowly got a little bigger but not so much. It was fun ! It was like a school rally ! So much spirit from each division ! Then we went to go line up on the Roar, got on and it was fun as heck ! hahah Me Vivian Sherman and Seng went on the pandemonium later and that ride sucked ass.. it was literally 1 minute ride when we waited like an hour. Then we went on the Kong.. it was fun waiting in line cuz we met some other division kids and we pinned then and they didnt know until later and we both started to pin other people as they were walking by. hahaha Then we got on the ride and DAMN, that shit was crazy but hellllla funn !!!!! Then our last ride was the boomerang ! Was hecka fun haha after i went to wait in line for Panda Express for fuckin 1 hour… that was pure pain. Then we left home… 

All i have to say is that was one fun filled day. To see so much Key Clubbers and their spirit and all of us yelling how do you feel ! haha It was amazing ! Oh! and i finally went on rollercoaster rides hahah i never really liked rollercoasters ;P


Oh, this is my 1000th post :))

To some people, it’s just another club. It’s just another way to get a shot into college. It’s Key Club. To me, Key Club is my way of showing my commitment to the community. It’s the enjoyment of meeting new people and spending time to make our world a better place. I’ve met so many amazing new friends from doing good and having fun. Key Club is the club that made me become the more outgoing and hardworking person that I am today. HOW DO I FEEL? It’s just plain and simple, I love Key Club.

I'm a D7N Bee, sweet as can be.

I got that honey bee mentality. 

See me doin’ service, buzzin with my bees.

Ain’t nothing to sweat, just as sweet as can be.

Just talk to me cause I I’ll BEE around

like no one you’ve ever found. 

I’m that bee, you see. 

I’m sweet and irresistible, a 7 North Bee.