Hold onto yer ro-butts…D4VE #3 is coming at you this Wednesday!

Here’s a little four-page preview to whet your whistle. Just marvel at the breath-taking artwork from the amazing Valentin Ramon. The full meal twenty-two page deal can be yours for only 0.99 through ComiXology, from the very fine folks at Monkeybrain Comics.

CLICK HERE: You can pre-order this thing right now and it’ll download at it’s leisure once available, no charge until then.


CLICK HERE: You can catch up on the head, the tail, the whole dang thing right hyaw. You can even subscribe to the series, if you’d like. At only 0.99 an issue, you do like. You do like very much, you see.

Feel free to reach out to D4VEHQ through email at d4vecomic at gmail dot com. The letters column will be returning for issues four and five. If you’d like review copies or access to the cats behind the madness for interviews or weird rituals, feel free to email, please, yes please, weird rituals are fine, just fine.

Mark your calendars - D4VE #3 in two days!

Happy Wednesday: D4VE #003 is out now!

While the K'Laar initiate “phase 2,” D4VE sets out to assemble his old defense-bot crew. Nothing can prepare D4VE for his greatest nightmare yet however, in the form of an impromptu performance review.

Click here to purchase D4VE #003 from ComiXology for only 0.99 cents. We’re immensely proud of this issue, and we hope you love it too. Folks, this is where the S hits the F, I you know what we’re saying. Strap down your socks for a ride so wild it’ll make that mechanical bull you rode last summer look like a NyQuil sponsored screening of My Dinner with Andre.

If you’re new to D4VE, then welcome. Please, this way. Sit here. It’s the best seat we have. You look ravishing tonight. What can we do to make you more comfortable? Of course, anything. Yes, we do have the first two issues–a wonderful choice. “Chef’s delight,” in fact. It is on special, only 0.99 each. Yes, those are for full issues. Magnifique. Right away. *smacks fingers to lips all Italian-like* Please, click here.

Thanks so much to Monkeybrain for making this possible, and for being so amazingly awesome. And thanks so much to you for reading, for checking it out, for all of your support, and thanks to God, who never once doubted our dreams of making robots talk and fornicate.

If you’d like to reach out to the creators, you can! Whether it’s for review copies, comments, questions, or cupcakse, you can do so at d4vecomic at gmail.

D4VE #003 –> Out now!


THIS IS COOL. The Hangout–a wonderful weekly video podcast from Comicosity–invited D4VE writer Ryan to be a guest on the show. That happened last night, and it was wonderful.

It was streamed live last night, but you can watch the whole show right now through the wonders of computation.

Big thanks to Jessica, Alison, and CiCi for having Ryan on the show!

Follow The Comicosity Hangout on twitter for updates.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Welcome back eve …

Big thanks to Dan and Bob for having me (Ryan) on the Splash Page Comicast show this week! It was a super-wicked-fun time and we talk about literally everything. Literally. Lots of D4VE talkin’.

Give it a listen, and subscribe to their show, they know how to do it way right. Give them a follow on the twitter too.