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Got the Yoshi to lv294 after two Reverse Pirate runs… I was planning to soft reset for weapon boosting innocents, but then D4 suddenly decided to be nice and gave me a red level sphere on B20 and B40 after only one soft reset on each. Then on B100, the game was suddenly nice to me again and gave me a full roster of innocents I actually wanted.

Something tells me my luck is gonna run out really fast really soon…


My best unit in D4 that I actually put a fuckton of effort into building (as in, not magichange fodder that I actually put effort into building as well).

Top: without equips
Bottom: with [shitty] equips 

3 reincarnations, 5098 levels stored.

Also, don’t even bother trying to tell me to “get better equips”; the only things I don’t have are the things you can only get in the Land of Carnage and that shit you steal from Zetta. Because get this: I prefer to have my units be able to stand on their own rather than rely on great equips to be “good”, I don’t care about max stats, and I would rather have a team that works than one stupidly OP unit.


After 10 minutes of looking through my warehouse and active party/support group units’ equips, five minutes of rejoicing about having two other legendary Arcadias that I had forgotten about, and over four straight hours of meticulous, obsessive soft-resetting and Mr. Gency Exit spamming, I got a new Arcadia to level 263 by floor 100. Gonna Item God kill for a while after I gather more Gencies.

Also during those four hours I became the king of geo combos.


Item info:

Top: After 1 Item God kill
Bottom: After 10 Item God kills
Bills passed: 5 “More ATK growth” (B10, B30, B40, B50, B80); 1 “Increase Attack range” (B20)

The ATK stopped increasing after I killed the Item God about 6 times, but I killed it a few extra times to make the DEF/SPD hit ~100k. I also nabbed a Level Sphere the 10th time I loaded the floor. Guess the game felt like being nice after 6+ hours of me internally screaming “WHY WON’T YOU GIVE ME LEVEL SPHERES YOU STUPID FUCK” at it as I repeatedly cleared groups of 9 so I could maximize the level gain and get Level Spheres to spawn on as many 10th floors as possible.

Gonna Reverse Pirate this thing later. Maybe.

I just spent 4 hours in the Item World.

60 straight floors

no breaks

in a rare Holy Staff that I likely won’t use in the long run.

Slaughtered some foreign pirates and got the thing up 75 levels though.

I think it was worth it.

What I’ve been doing in Disgaea 4 for the past 3-4 hours – Customizing a legendary God Cannon for my Necomancer. Here’s a pic of her without her equips:

So far this gun is complete with extra INT and SP for her spells, boosts in both HIT and SPD from bills passed on floors 10 and 20 (respectively), and a butchered Latin name because everything sounds cooler in Latin.

I’m currently about to tackle floors 61-70. I plan to take advantage of the infinite Item God killing glitch with this eventually, but I still have some ship parts to gather, the entire story to play through, and postgame shit to do before I start giving a shit about getting back to the Land of Carnage.