tinyglowingsharks  asked:

Are there any rpgs that you think would lend themselves well to being adapted for the world of Garth nix's abhorsen series? I have played a decent D&D 4e version but I feel like there might be a better fit. E.g. the powers mechanics (at will daily etc) of 4e seemed rigid in not quite the right way for charter magic. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!

It really depends on what about the source material you want to emulate.

D&D4E is designed for a very specific mode of play that basically boils down to high fantasy by way of early 2000s kung fu movies; the prototypical D&D4E session is a series of elaborately staged set-piece battles with people leaping and being hurled all over the place and calling their special attacks by name, with breezily plotted talky bits in between fights. The further what you’re aiming for is from that ideal, the worse fit D&D4E is going to be.

So: what are you aiming for?