DCON 2011 - 4/15 - 4/17 :D

CNH, Region 3, D41 South, El Toro Key Club!!

Anaheim Convention Center, Hilton Hotel.

Friday: We left to get to the Hilton, and my gosh it was crowded! The beds were super comfy and they had down pillows♥ Ahh, roomies and I ate a bunch of tangerines and headed off to our first workshop. Court and I went to the wrong one at first, but eventually found our way to the delegate workshop lol. I stayed in the same room for 3 workshops since after was UNICEF and secretaries. The first general session was CRAZY. All these divisions were so spirited, dressed up colorful, cheering, and screaming all over the place! :D

Saturday: Woke up, got ready in our business clothes, went off to get breakfast in the Exhibit Hall. Went to the caucus session and listened to a bunch of speeches from people running for district/international board positions, it made everyone so sleepy! Lol, probably because they didn’t have mics for the speakers. Then Court and I went to the House of Delegates. We had NomCom then a break where everyone went up to tell corny jokes, pick up lines, love notes, and their club cheers, then after all 500 delegates decided to do the wave forward, backward, left to right, diagonally, and circling in/out. It was awesome lol. Everyone Court and I voted for ended up getting the position :)

Then it was lunch and 2nd general session where we got to see AJ Rafel sing live!! He’s pure talent, I’m telling you. He was so down-to-earth and called people up to sing with him, and he was so cute when he asked us “How do you feel?” LOL he had no idea all of us were going to get up and start cheering! So he had someone go up there and teach it to him XD

After we went back to the hotel to change for dinner and 3rd general session. We watched all the officers get recognized. Maria and John won Outstanding President and Vice President :DD Hehe, then after was the Governer’s Ball, but everyone’s feet hurt cause they made us all keep our shoes on -_- but still fun. We got back to the hotel and stayed up a bit more to have a talk about our club and what we needed to improve with it.

Sunday: Woke up early for Walk For Life and walked around the convention center. Fresh air and morning exercising for a good cause :) Ate breakfast, and watched the last general session where all the old officers were retired and the new officers were installed. Lots of crying and smiles going around. Then we stayed after to take a divisional picture up on stage, then helped clean up by pushing carts and boxes to load up onto trucks. Headed back to the hotel, packed up, and left to go back home.

Overall, it was great. When I first got there, I was a bit skeptical but after a general session, I got so pumped up. Throughout the weekend, I learned a lot about Key Club and what we need to do for next year, and I know everyone else that went did too. We’re determined to make some changes and work harder next year and to go back to our roots of service. Next year will be amazing. ET POWERHOUSE♥

DCON 2012

Ohh DCON… How I’m going to miss youu..

DAY 1:Sooo at the start of the day, I pulled an all nighter with @dooshtin and got ready at around 4:30. We got to the school at like 5:15 and it was still pitch black. Seeing all the other schools of D41S was pretty exciting! Sooo we get onto the bus and drive for 6 hours I think? Wayyy too long, but I got to bond with the people on our bus and even became good friends with @landonchi. That handshake tooo good x) We finally get to the Hilton in Santa Clara and go to our rooms. BEST ROOMMATES EVER! @uhhtravis, @dooshtin, @connertran. We made last final touches to our spirit wear like capes and hair dye and then headed out to the convention center! Holy crap… SOOO MANY ASIANS IN ONE PLACE O_o  Spirit battles were pretty intense, especially since we had a vuvuzela and Anmol with us :D UNLEASH EXODIAAAA!! The first couple workshops were alrightt.. Pretty boring but I got to mingle with some new people and I even met up with my friend Jessica <3 :D But most of the time in workshops just involved passing out on a chair and taking pictures of other people sleeping.  After workshops we went to general session. It was pretty intense too since Joe and I sprinted for seats. The speaker was reallyy intense too! I’m surprised I listened to the whole thing! After general session, we headed back to our rooms and watched UFC til we knocked out.

Day 2:  WE OVER SLEPT -_____- Fricken woke up at 5:10 thinking we would be up and ready to go, but instead we just slowly passed out and didn’t wake up til Kimberly Lee called us and asked where we were. RECORD SETTING TIME TO GET READY WITH 5 MINUTES!! Man we had such little time, but we still pulled it off x) Breakfast was pretty disappointing… and most of my club was passed out on the table hahaha. After breakfast, we headed to MORE workshops…which meant MORE sleeping :D Our group tried getting into Pat’s workshop, but it was too crowded sooo we just walked around the convention center playing frisbee. Finally we headed down for lunch which was pretty good this time. Mexican food…YUMMM  We stayed there for general session after lunch which meant… MOAR SLEEPING!! MOAR PICTURES!! After general session, we headed back to our rooms and changed for the dance. We mostly just hung out in Anmol’s room whenever we were at the hotel which was pretty chill. SERENADING THEM ELEVATORS DOH. <33 After 2 hours of chillin, we headed back to the convention center for ANOTHER general session… Geez soo much sleeping too. Oh and of course everytime Jaemin Kim came on, me and Atravis freaked out <33 Mmm dat Jaemin… Haha anywayss, after general session FINALLY ended, it was time for DUH DANCINGG!! Ohh mann.. That dance was DEFINITELY the highlight of DCON for me. 3,000 asians in one room.. MY GOODNESS. Hahaha “Not sure if ABG… Or just asian..” xD Mah boy Tony jumped in a cypher and OWNED IT UP! And even CONNER GOT SOME!! Woooo my wingman Aaron and I walked around the crowd and scouted for dem ABG’s and found our first girls after 5 minutes of walking. The girl I danced with was prettyy good but Aaron’s girl was boring soo he left and I was there all alone D: haha running soloo.. But yeah no more talking about the dance after that point cuz… No witnesses. huehueheu. ;D After the dance, everybody was DRENCHED in sweat and smellyy.. Soo we walked back to our rooms, showered, and KTFO. Soooo tired..

DAY 3: Woke up early at 6:30 to get ready for Walk For Life. The only person that did it with me was mah bro ATRAVIS. Thanks for keeping me company man <3 It was pretty boring though… We just walked around the convention center once and donated ten bucks. Oh well, YOLO. The good part about doing Walk For Life though was that we got to get breakfast FIRST which was muuccchhh better than the day before. Bacon croissants.. mmmm..  We sat there for our last general session and finally ended with a club picture.  After our last general session, we headed back to our rooms and packed all our stuff, BUT CONNER had the amazing idea of taking the most homo picture in the history of homo pictures -____- Dear god… good thing it will never be exposed to the world.. unless we upset Kim one day. o_o The drive back was definitely the best hahaha NEVER SLEEP ON THE SAME BUS AS BRITTANY LE. Ohh mann clothes pinning sleeping people. TOO GOOD. hahahah we finally got B LE back for it though. @ble why is your mouth so spicy? x) Ahhh well overall DCON was AMAZINGGG and unforgettable. <33 CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEARS DCON!! GOOOOO D41S!!


There’s not really like a … specific song I’m looking for… but so far I like stuff like






IT’s for the Key Club Banquet for D41S but me and my friends have no idea what to cover sooo yeah! Ideas please? Even if I don’t know you! Yeah :D ?

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