Norway por peter spencer
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Nikon D3s 5 secs f2.8 ISO 1600


Kopkari; Bulungur, Uzbekistan by Erik Peterson


South East Uganda - the Virunga volcanic mountains - HDR by Markus Bollmann

hey everybody!! you guessed it, it’s that time again – time for the disney descendants secret santa signups!

you can make gifs, playlists, or videos, write fanfiction, draw some art – whatever your secret santa desires (and i’ll be sure to pair you with someone who wants something that you want to make!!) please be sure to send your secret santa some nice anon messages leading up to the actual gift-giving (you may want to put ‘from your secret santa’ at the end so they know it’s you) to make december a little bit brighter for all of us! put your application in between now and the 21st of november to participate, and after you submit be sure to check the url list so that you can make sure we got it!! and even if you don’t want to participate, reblogging this so word can get out would be super!! hopefully we will get more people than last year, since d2 came out this year! 

submit your application here ll ask questions ll schedule ll faq ll example application ll url list


20160424 Koutouen 3 by Bong Grit
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紫の雨のようです。 @Koutouen, Hekinan, Aichi. (愛知県碧南市 広籐園)


Grey-headed kingfisher with a gecko at Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda by Markus Bollmann 

Looks cruel - but it’s nature !



anonymous asked:

"HARRY IS FUCKING STARING STRAIGHT INTO UMA’S EYES LIKE THAT BOY KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE’S DOING AND HE’S NOT SCARED HE KNOWS SHE LOVES HIM BACK" yaaaaas! lovespell!ben kissed uma's hand with eyes closed but not harry! their eyes are locked. it says a hell of a lot he would kiss her hand at all because this is the isle and uma could cut him for such an affectionate act, but he knows she wont gaf or if she does hes willing to take the chance just to do it! they better include a huma hand kiss in d3

HARRY KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THE HELL IS UP AND I AM SO PROUD OF HIM LIKE HECK YEAH YOU GET YOUR GIRL BC SHE FUCKING LOVES YOU AND THAT IS NO FAKE LOVE SPELL THAT IS TRUE LOVE, BITCH. but no seriously there is nothing even slightly cautious about harry’s expression there and uma is staring straight back because she’s fucking melted with that look and that kiss and she is so soft and this is unlike any affection she’s ever experience but oh my god it’s so much better because it’s harry and she trust him entirely and there’s no way he would ever try to hurt her so they can both just let their walls down completely in this moment and it’s so important to me because the whole time they are interacting with anyone other than each other (and the crew mostly) their walls are up super high and they are so suspicious and cautious and goddammit they should have the opportunity to explore and live like teenagers should but they’ve had to grow up too fast but that kiss is such a simple show of affection and they just love each other so much. I stg if they don’t include/develop huma in d3 i’m going to riot; they are literally the best relationship in the whole film (idec fucking fight me) and there’s no way they would betray each other by going off with anyone else; uma and harry are in love. end of.