“I love playing Borderlands 2 with my gf. She plays as Maya and I play as Krieg which is a personal ship of mine. She even helped me defeat the W4R-D3N which was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do alone as Salvador on the Xbox 360 version. It’s always fun playing with her…even if she isn’t the best driver at times.”

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I just remembered! 

I met LtG-elect for D3N, Dia Cebrera, on the bus to Burbank to watch the Hunger Games lol. I was just sittin’ there on the bus and I noticed her wrist band had Key Club on it and asked her what Division she’s from, saying that I was in Key Club as well. To my surprise she just so happened to be LtG-elect of the division I used to be in, before it split of course.

Asked her about a lot of stuff and talked a bit. She’s pretty cool! Small world though haha.

Oh Key Club, how I miss thee.


Lima, 28 de Agosto de 2015

         La División de Investigación de Robo de Vehículos (DIROVE-PNP) recuperó en las últimas 24 horas   quince vehículos que fueron robados en diferentes lugares de Lima.

          Los vehículos recuperados son:

AUTO            F7J-610            NISSAN            2013          GRIS        

AUTO            F0C-524           NISSAN            2014          GRIS        

SW.               C1B-639           TOYOTA          1994          BLANCO  

AUTO            AOW-963          NISSAN            1998          PLATEADO      

AUTO            A2C-567           TOYOTA          1995          PLATA      

RURAL         C8P-636           HYUNDAI         2002          PLATA      

SW.               A7C-460           NISSAN            2004          PLATA      

AUTO            F1P-385            HYUNDAI         1997          AZUL        

AUTO            B6X-210           SUZUKI            2010          NEGRO    

SEM-R          D3N-985           LIM                    2013          ROJO      

AUTO            B3X-484           NISSAN            2010          PLATA      

RURAL         C9D-956           JOYLONG        2014          BLANCO  

AUTO            F6Y-320            DAEWOO         1993          AMARILLO        

SW.               A4H-676           MAZDA             1997          PLATEADO      

CMION          B8M-855           VOLKS             2010          BLANCO            


Los propietarios de los vehículos pueden comunicarse con la Comisaría donde denunciaron el robo de su vehículo o llamar a los teléfonos 328-0573 ó 328-4473.