I just remembered! 

I met LtG-elect for D3N, Dia Cebrera, on the bus to Burbank to watch the Hunger Games lol. I was just sittin’ there on the bus and I noticed her wrist band had Key Club on it and asked her what Division she’s from, saying that I was in Key Club as well. To my surprise she just so happened to be LtG-elect of the division I used to be in, before it split of course.

Asked her about a lot of stuff and talked a bit. She’s pretty cool! Small world though haha.

Oh Key Club, how I miss thee.

anonymous asked:

what happened?

My boss happened. I’ve been working this stupid ass minimum wage job for a year just trying to get by and they promised me after a few months of working there that if I took initiative they would promote me to shift lead and give me a raise.

So they started giving me extra responsibilities because I was going to be getting a raise. But then they were like “whoops lol we need you to work here for six months before we are willing to promote you, but here, keep doing the extra responsibility anyway”

And so I had a lot of extra work I was doing for the next three months that none of my other coworkers had to do. For no extra pay.

And then they finally give me the raise after six months (and not a day earlier I might add) and it was only 25 fucking cents. And then once I got the raise they started giving me more to do on top of my current responsibilities.

Well in December they told me they were giving me a 10 cent raise “because I’m doing such a wonderful job.” Thus putting my wage at $8.50/hr, 35 cents above minimum wage. Which isn’t much compensation for all the extra work I had to do, but that aside…

Guess what?

Minimum wage just went up to $8.50/hr this year. So naturally, everyone got their wages bumped up to $8.50/hr.

Except… I got my first paycheck and I saw that I stayed at $8.50/hr.

I thought at first this was a hindsight, so I went to talk to my manager today. Only to find out that no, it’s not a fucking hindsight.

Apparently my boss thinks I’m not doing a good enough job “training the other team members on how to improve” and so I don’t deserve to get paid any more than them.

I work.


We all.



There is only one person in the motherfucking store at a motherfucking time. How on god’s green earth am I supposed to train the other team members when I never fucking work with them?

So basically I still have a ton of other responsibilities the rest of my coworkers don’t, and yet I’m still making the same minimum wage they are because apparently that’s “what I deserve.”

All this after my boss made such a big deal about how she’s giving me a 10 cent raise for the good job I’m doing.

She literally purposefully gave me a 10 cent raise just one month before minimum wage was to go up.

Only to turn around a month later and take away not only my previous 25 cent raise, but also the 10 cent raise she had just given me.


I’m fucking done.

I’m editing my resume and I’m turning in my two weeks as soon as I have all my shit together to go job hunting.

I don’t deserve this bullshit anymore.

I’m fucking done.


I wake up to go to the bathroom and find two lil baggies in our doorway. I immediately was like “oh shit hope this isn’t secret Santa because I’m not ready!!” It was my Hannah. My RA. My tol mahm. I feel kinda bad because she’s leaving after winter break so we should be the ones getting her gifts right?! I actually saw a big package of that gum in her room last night and was gonna say something about it because it’s like my favorite gum but I forgot. After break we’ll have to go all the way to Wiley 2nd to see her. 😅 And even though Hannah reassures us our new RA is really nice, I can’t even pronounce her name?? And Hannah’s room right now is so pretty I shutter to think it’ll be different in just a few weeks.

Finally, I beat the W4R D3N. Well, not me BECAUSE THAT THING IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT ALONE but rather two friends of mine who have like 400 hours of playtime each. 

Seriously, I spent over two hours trying to beat that thing and I couldn’t do it. I felt like I was throwing stones at the thing (which possibly would’ve been more effictive)

But well, I’m someone who has no problem with cheating and this boss was pretty insignificant, so I don’t feel that bad because I asked for help

Now I’m just afraid who this “Wilhelm” guy is, that the weird lady kept talking about…