I just remembered! 

I met LtG-elect for D3N, Dia Cebrera, on the bus to Burbank to watch the Hunger Games lol. I was just sittin’ there on the bus and I noticed her wrist band had Key Club on it and asked her what Division she’s from, saying that I was in Key Club as well. To my surprise she just so happened to be LtG-elect of the division I used to be in, before it split of course.

Asked her about a lot of stuff and talked a bit. She’s pretty cool! Small world though haha.

Oh Key Club, how I miss thee.


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applejuche asked:

I was so bad at Borderlands 2 when I first played. I remember being stuck on this one level 18 boss. We died at least 20 times each during the fight like omg it was terrible. A month or so later and I've been able to kill that boss in probably under 1 minute whenever my new characters reach that point. Stay strong and you'll be saying 'gg easy' in no time

I’m getting better, like yesterday i was stuck on the W4R-D3N and i raged hardcore but i just beat that lil fuck and I am so happy.

But, thanks for the litte boost!