Mothers, mothers to be. No one ever told me that after you have your child, your breasts shrink. Like I was not prepared. I was a C38 before my pregnancy last year. While I was pregnant, the biggest my breasts got was a D34. Hey-Oh! Ha. I got to enjoy them for a short bit, maybe a few weeks, but then milk started leaking all of the time. Ha ha. A couple of months after having Aurora, I went down to a C32. Barely. It makes me sad sometimes, but my body went through some major transformative changes to bring a physical being into the world and I forget how beautiful I am because of that. I love every curve, every stretch mark, every beautiful ‘imperfection’. As we all should. There are natural herbs you can take after pregnancy that will help your breast health. To prevent sagging, keep them perky, and also aid is keeping cancer away. Check out Dandelion Root Tea and Fenugreek. Dandelion Root Tea is one of the best herbs for breasts. Highly recommended. You can take it whether you are pregnant, after pregnancy, or even if you have never been pregnant. Fenugreek is also amazing for nursing mothers who need a little extra help with creating milk. I take them both daily and have seen amazing results within weeks to a month. Anyways, yeah. Love your boobies, take care of yo boobies. Do you, mama.

Retirement Speech

Wow. I can’t believe it. It’s the beginning of a brand new year. For those of you who don’t know, The Key Club year goes from Mid April to Mid April of the next year. I want to thank you all for committing so much time to service and being active members of this amazing club. There have been so many things that our club has done which I’m proud of. The 2nd most fundraised club for American Apparel Jackets for our division and ending being part of the most fundraised division overall. Being the powerhouse of the division with our strong presence and loud spirit, and being one of the largest clubs? Fundraising $5500 for American Cancer Society?! , you guys are incredible. Which is why it makes me sad to have to retire today.

Key Club has been such a large component of my life the past three years, if anything it was my life. I came in as a young sophomore only doing this for the required hours, I didn’t expect myself to end being awarded outstanding President and Divisional Executive Assistant two years later and lead this newly awarded DISTINGUISHED CLUB. I got sucked in after seeing how happy the community was when I had the opportunity to help them, and three years later, it was over just like that.  So many events and memories came from this organization alone and I am proud to have served as your President. Although there have been ups and downs with this whole journey, I don’t regret a single moment of it. I’ve seen many of you grow as a member and leaders.  It makes me excited to know that the future of the club is in great hands.

I want to thank all of my officers for doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Our amazing advisor Ms. Filice who has assisted us even when we had obstacles. I want to give special shout outs to Mennen Kassa, who has been an officer since her Sophomore year and being one of the most responsible officers ever, I don’t know what I’d have done  without you. Thanks for all the long phone chats and for just being so amazing. James Chen for being there when times were rough and immediatly knew what to do and for always wanting what was best for the club. You’ll do great this upcoming year and remember that the sky is the limit as long as you push it.

Last and imporantly, Jomel Bautista. You came in your freshman year already acting like an officer. You were publicizing this club and making sure everyone came to do service. You became a sophomore representative.  You helped assist even when you didn’t need to. You later became my vice president, always keeping me in check and for making sure that whenever I had to make a choice, it’s the members that matters the most. You have a wonderful board who will assist you to the best of their ability, keep remembering how much our club has impacted the community, our division and district overall. Know that I’ll be there if you need some advice.

What you all do is amazing, keep doing service and be active members of the community. Keep that waddling D34S penguin spirit going.  So now, I officially retire as your 2010-2011 President and officially turn the president position over to your new President for this upcoming year, Jomel Bautista.
This is your Immediate Past President Chris Dam for the last time. 

Key Club International, Cali-Nev-Ha, Region 17, Division 34 South, Cupertino Key Club, It’s been real. Three years and it’s all over. I will always hold Key Club dear to my heart. 

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And now I'm bawling

God I’m going to miss this year’s officer board.

Dahsom - a freaking amazing co-publicity chair and bulletin editor

Sophie and Anna - some completely awesome project chairs and generally awesome people

Lin - the snarkiest, funniest webmaster ever

Jessica - a responsible and badass treasurer

Anran - an equally responsible and badass secretary

Jenny - the most stellar person I have ever met and a fantastic vice president

and Alexander - you jerk, you made me cry with your letter. But you were a damn good president.

Homestead Key Club officers 2010-2011, you will go amazing places.

D34, D34S!

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Matrix Room Helsinki Oy
Liisankatu 18 D34
00170 Helsinki




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サイズは2種類、容量5L・W34 × D34 × H11.8cm、容量10L・W41.5 × D41 × H14.5cm 。

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Rennes: Un blessé dans un accident, la voiture ravagée - 20minutes.fr

Rennes: Un blessé dans un accident, la voiture ravagée – 20minutes.fr

La circulation a été perturbée ce matin vers 7h50 sur l’axe entre Châteaugiron et Vern, près de Rennes. En cause, un important accident impliquant trois véhicules légers sur la D34, à hauteur de l’Eclosel. Un homme a été blessé dans la collision, mais

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