d30s suns

Rose Float Decorating.

It was my 1st time going this year, and I gotta say that it was awesome. But I had to wake up early like at 5am just to be at the pick up spot and it was a not so long ride. But finally we were there at the Rose Float Decorating. Seeing those floats especially the Kiwanis Float. Working on those floats was tough work. Climbing up and down the floats made me tired. Walking around with many things to do. It was great talking to some LTG’s and me and my friends also camera whore with CNH District Tech. Editor Elijah Kang (: lol! It was a messy thing to work with the floats. There was other divisions there also but it was so hot that afternoon, people said why it got so hot and I said “oh, because D30S Suns are here! (;”. The ride back to the school, I actually knocked out. I was really tired. Hahaha. Well it was a messy, fun, and playful day today and it was the best! (: